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18-Min At Home Fat Burning Cardio Workout Blast Fat – Day 1 – 21 Day Transformation

(upbeat music) – Hey guys I'm Julia Bognarand we are about to do a 20 minute cardio workout.

We're gonna do some kicking,some punching, just having fun.

You want to keep your heart rate up but you want to be able to still breathe.

So it's not like that intenseplyo short bursts of energy, it's more about endurance.

So we're going to go niceand steady 20 minutes, breathing, having fun.

If it gets too much, you can march it out, you can take it to a shuffle,but just keep moving.

That's the point here.

So let's go, we're goingto take a deep breath.

Inhale get all that air, exhaleshake it down and get ready.

Here we go, a little shuffle side to side.

Good, so ready bring your arms in.

We're going to do a littlestep punch, step hit.

Hit, good, so nice and easy, not starting with a wholelot of balancing yet.

Exhale as you punch,adding a little twist, and hit, hit, good.

Stay with it, ready toturn this into a hook.

So you're going to bringyour back leg forward like you're stomping on a bug.

Hit, bring that arm all theway around, all the way over.

Twist and twist, bringthat arm up, hook, hook.

So let me show you from theother side, looks like this.

Hit stomp hit, hit yeah.

Nice, using your obliques, using your arms getting your whole body moving.

Good, for four, three,two take it to a shuffle side to side speed bag arms.

So tiny little circles with your fists.

Nice and small not justletting them float around, nice and tight.

Moving with intentionbring it to the other side.

Shoulders down so not crunchedup, just nice and low, fists right about at yourforhead and nice and fast.

Then finally bring them forward.

You can keep them lower maybe take them higher, nice and quick.

Here's four, three, twogood take it to one side we're just going to jab.

Hit, bring your elbow all the way back in.

So pull it back in itand bring it back, yeah.

Good other arm stays high.

Nice job, four, three we're going to cross with that back arm, twist, hit.

So I'm going to move alittle bit, watch how my heel comes up, stay lowkeeping it nice and quick.

Cardio you got to get your heart rate up.

I'm still breathing.

Good four, three, twoputting those together, left right hit hit hithit, breathe breathe.

Step, nice, you guys are doing great.

We're gonna pick it up.

We're going to do a leftright and a hop hop back.

Left right and hop hop.

And hop hop, hit hit hop hop.

Looks like this from theside, hit hit, hit hit, nice.

How you doing, breathe.

Adding that little bounce, staying on the balls of your feet.

Four and three, here's two and one, nice.

Shuffling it around, we are going to lead with the other arm this time.

So we're just gonna startwith that jab, hit hit hit.

I'm going to turn so you cansee a different angle here.

Bring your whole arm back.

A lot of times people keep their elbow out you want to bring it back, hit hit.

Good four, three, two you're going across now that back and arm.

Twist, watch my back heel this is where I get thepower in that pivot.

Hit, yeah so if I wasgoing to forward right, hit the screen people.

Hit, three, two put ittogether double time.

Hit hit hit hit, I step with the same leg as the arm I'm punching.

Right arm right leg,left arm and left leg.

Yeah, keep locking stay low.

Four, three we're goingto go hit hit hop hop, hit hit hop hop.

Hit hit, nice and low, hop it back.

Stay on the balls of your feet.

Do you want to hit me,turn towards the screen.

One, two, hop it back.

Nice, give me four, hop back three.

Here's two, one more.

Good we're going to go jab and a jack.

Jab other side, jack.

One jab, and jack, good job.

Jack it up, you guys are doing great.

Good here's four, three,two, good we're just going to add some knees right here.

Reach knee, knee, you can add a hop here.

From the side you can seeI'm hopping or just stepping.

If you're stepping doesn't meanyou're not working as hard.

You are reaching, stretchingbig range of motion.

Hold those knees, let'stake it side to side.

Pull, pull like you'regrabbing your opponent.

Bring his head to your knee, right.

But with love right, we'renot hurting people here.

Keep going four, three, two good.

So we're going to add somestep hooks moving backwards a little bit because we'regoing to add those four knees, four hooks right here.

Four, three, two, step back hook.

Hook, hook, hook take it up.

Knee and hook, exhale good.

Hop it up, two more after this.

One more, knee and hook, good.

Just some front kicks, alternate.

Kick kick from the sideyou'll see I'm leaning back so I'm not coming into the kick this way.

Lean back, engage your core.

Kick, here's eight, seven,six, five, four, three.

Side to side kick, dropyour toe, toe is down.

Hit lean to the opposite side.

Again from the side or take it forward.

And kick, good here's eight,seven, six, five, four, three.

We're kicking back, soright here back kick.

Back hitting with the bottom of your foot.

Yeah kick, if you need toslow it down no problem.

Do what feels good for you.

Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two.

Shuffle it out, good job we're gonna put thosethree kicks together.

One side, front side back tap down.

It's front side back tap down.

Front side back tap down.

One, two, you can add a hop.

Hop kick kick down.

Two more, front side back tap down.

One, two right away next side.

Front side back tap down.

Yeah, tap down, kick sidekick, back kick and down.

Two more, front side back.

Down one more, good.

Shuffle it out, nice job.

We're doing a duck under outsideleg kick, looks like this.

Under kick under kick.

Little bit of the hitchor just step and kick.

The difference, oneyou're adding some power the other you're just stepping.

Down under kick.

How you doing? From the side looks like this, kick.

Keep it up, let's do fourand three and two and one.

Punch to the side, we're going one, two, three, four duck back.

Hit one, two, three, four duck.

Good, hit and duck.

And hit and duck, two more.

Hit and duck, one more, hit and duck.

Let's go the other way.

Hit move it back and hit and back.

Woo how you doing? I know I am working.

Again though you should still be breathing and able to talk a little bit.

Two more back, one more and down.

Right here down and up,let's squat with a hit.

Down up, good add a little jump to that.

Yep it's down up, four, three, two we're going to add a kick to this.

Get ready you can hold it right here.

It's down up step kick step back.

And again down up, four of these.

Step kick step back, down up step kick and down up step kick.

Two more down up, step kick, one more.

Step and good shuffle it out.

Other direction, twosides got to even it out.

Down ups with that squatpunch it low high, low high.

Add that hop if you want.

Nice job, eight, seven, six, five.

Here we go add it on, four down ups.

Four, three, two, one.

Step kick and back, step kick back.

Try to drop your big toeand kick and down up.

Step kick, four more and step, hoo.

Down up kick, two more.

How you doing? One more and step kick, shuffle it out.

How you guys doing? Ah breathe, keep moving don't stop.

So we're going to do four punches.

Feet in out in out like this one.

Two, three, four, and again.

Hit hit hit hit, add some turns.

Hit hit hit hit, in out other side.

In out again, hit hit hit.

You guys are awesome.

Just keep moving, two more.

Hit and in the other side,bring it back around.

Three and a turn we go,three, two, one turn.

And turn, turn, good wegot eight and seven and six and five here's four andthree and two and one.

Shuffle it forward, shake it out.

How's it going you guys, you with me? Getting that runners highyou could go forever? I know right here we're goingdown out in and hit and hit.

Hit again a little faster,One, two, three, four.

Hit hit hit from the side.

One, two, three, four hit and down out.

And hit stay low and down out in.

Hit good job, up hit two more.

Hit one more and hit.

Give me fast feet right here hold it.

Hold it you can move around if you like.

Little baby jogs, get yourbooty shaking back there.

Keep breathing and stayon the balls of your feet.

Going to add a burpee onto this.

So three counts of fast feet, burpee and a hit looks like this.

One, two, three down out in punch.

One, two, three down out in other side.

One, two, three and punch.

One, two, three and punch.

One, two, three and hit.

Down out, two more, one, two, three.

One more and hold it, shuffle.

How's it going, so close I promise.

Breathe, keep moving,march it if you have to.

Almost there here we go,tapping down to the floor.

We're tapping and tapping,tapping so outside leg just kind of touches the floor.

Tap it out, one comes in just like that.

Eight, seven, six, five, four, three.

Just stand up give me some basic kicks.

Hit kick kick, putting that together.

Four down, four kicks like this.

Step tap two, three, four step kick.

Two, three take it down.

Two, three, four step kick.

Two more I'll go this way step tap.

And kick, one more, tap.

And kick, good, right heregoing into a knee side kick.

Easy kick, one knee kick.

Four more, four, three,two, one more other side right here knee, kick, knee.

How you guys doing? One more after this I promise.

Four, three, two and one.

Shuffle it out, grand finale.

Charleston's into hitch kicks.

Will start you with a Charleston, show you how easy itis to go to that hitch.

Both sides that's done, Yeah.

Four, three, two, one.

Charlston's step kick, step back.

That's all it is, left kick step kick.

So you can stay here if you want to make that a hitchkick, step swish hitch.

Step swish hitch, step swish hitch.

Back swish hitch, four scoop it through.

Three, two, one moreand take it this side.

Easy let's go.

Charleston, yep got those arms moving.

Stay here if you want or tap swish hitch.

Four more, four, three swish hitch.

Two, did I say that wasthe last one, I lied.

Alright here one, two, three kick.

One, two, three, one, two, three.

This is it kick, high knees in front kick.

Kick kick, last four for real.

And three, two and one.

Give me those fast feet, breathe inhale.

Exhale one more, up anddown stop your feet.

Reach down keep breathing, so good.

Down up, four more,four and three and two.

Good, one, step tap rollthose shoulders, good.

Single single double over here.

Take it back single and double.

One more each side, roll them.

One more and breathe, deepbreath inhale reach take it low.

So we're going to do atwist, push one thigh out.

You guys are awesome.

Good switch to the other side, shoulder down push into your inner thigh.

Lengthen out the top of your head.

Good, take it all theway up an easy step back.

Push and reach up and push a little more active in this stretch.

Reach sit back and reach one more.

And reach, take yourfeet wide one breath up.

Melt down, relax your head come up slow.

Let your arms hang heavy,take a breath reach overhead.

Exhale take it down, you guys are awesome.

Great job, great sweat you guys did it.

Congratulations see you next time.

(upbeat music).

Source: Youtube

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18-Min At Home Fat Burning Cardio Workout Blast Fat – Day 1 – 21 Day Transformation

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