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30 Minute Live Bodyweight HIIT Cardio Boot Camp – Home Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Online Workout

Alright, we've got 10 seconds.

We're going to go right into the warm-up.

Let's go ahead and start off the Holiday seasonright.

Some of us have been eating crazy, so we'regiving ourselves an opportunity to work it off here.

We're going to go right into Jump Ropes, sowe're going to jump and kick those feet straight out.

Inhale in through the nose.

Exhale via the mouth and breath from the diaphragm,not your chest, alright? Good.

Keep on kicking it out.

We've got 15 seconds here.

We're just waking up that body.


We're starting off with our traditional firsttwo moves, but we're going to switch it up here in the warm-up.

Right from here, we're going into a lightjog.

We're still waking up that body.

The kids are probably awake already openingup those gifts – and right now we're opening up our gift, which is health – the best giftyou can ever give yourself, alright? So, our abs are locked in, swinging thosearms, landing softly on those feet, tighten those abs, and getting ready to work it here.

Breathe it out.


10 more seconds here and then we're goingright into a Shadow Jab.


So, we're just going to jab it out – goingleft and right.

Other side.




Step that foot out.

If you can't do it there, I want you to standup in the middle and jab left and right – like so.


Breathe it out.

And over.

From here, we're going right into a 3-WaySprint.

We're going to start to my right – your left.

We're going to sprint for 8, going in 3 differentdirections.


Starting from the right and we're up for 8.

5, 6, 7, 8, Get those knees high! Come on! 5, 6, 7, 8! I got the ball bouncing here on top of myhead [lol].

And we're pushing through.

Come on! 5, 6, 7, 8! Oh, I'm already regretting this hat [lol].

I can feel the sweat already.

And over! To the front.

Just a few more seconds.

Right from here – Jumping Jacks.

And we'recoming up.


Jacking those feet.

In and out, as those hands come up.

To modify, just step into it.

You can keep that pace going.

And breatheit out.

After this, we have a 25 second rest.

So breathe! Step it out, if you need to.

5 seconds.


We've got a quick break here.

Keep on breathing as we push through, people.

Having a great time.

Alright! Switching this up, here.

So, our first move that we're going to doare Tri-Fly Sprints.

Let me know if those beeps are too loud foryou, okay? Alright, so Maria drank too much last night.

I see you all here.

So the next move we're going to do are Tri-FlySprints.

Here's your modification.

You can do a 3-Way Sprint [sprinting it out],or you can keep your arms out 1, 2, 3, 4, to the front.

Otherwise, we're starting from the front.

Arms are out like and airplane and we're goingright up! 5, 6, 7, 8, to the left.

Come on! Get those knees HIGH! Come on! We came here to BRING IT! We have a room full of people to cheer uson, so do your best.

Don't stomp those feet.

And we're workingup that sweat.

We're getting a live Fist Bump today.

Arms are straight out.

Let's go! I'm really feeling this in my abs right now! We're half-way there.

Come on! I'm looking like Santa's Little Helper, rightnow [lol] – and we're helping to lose weight.

Get in shape.

CRUSH our goals.

8 seconds.

Over! WOOH! Few more.

BOOM!!! Way to BRING IT! 20 seconds and then we're going into 180 Burpees.

Several ways to do this.

What's up Super Clay Mario? I see that you're back.

Alright, so to modify, you're going to stepdown, push-up or no, hop over, step down, and back up.

Everybody else, BURPEE, push-up or no push-up,then hop over.

I'm going with a push-up.

We're down! Over! Hop! and back down! Breathe it out! WOOH!!! We're going to do a lot of "WOOHs" today.

Anddown! Breathe it out.

Push up! This will definitely wake you up.

But youknow what? For me, I'm getting my workout in early inthe day.

Some of you are off from work, so way to BRINGIT! 10 seconds.

I'm feeling these in my sore quads.

Down! Hop over!.

And breathe.

WOOH!!! Alright, from here – Cardio Circuit.

So, I feel you Khamani.

I am dying already too.

We've got 10 seconds.

I'm going to show you the modification whilewe're in it.

Yeah, we're definitely putting in that work,Giovani.

From here, we're going to jog it out.

Start for 8.

Turn to the side – 4 jumping jacks.

To modify, you can step into those jumpingjacks – and jog it out.

Let's go! Go at your own pace.

Come on! Over! Already "huffing and puffing" as we do eachexercise move.

Breathe it out! Jog it out! We're catching our breath here, because youknow after the simple moves, comes that crazy stuff.

Ooooh! Time just flew by too fast for me.

From here, we're going into Front to BackPrisoner Squats.

It's a new move, so I'm going to show youhow it goes.

Hands behind your head, like a prisoner.

If you're modifying, I want you to step intothis.

Down and up, down and up, squat.

Everybody else, we're going to squat hop forward,down, up, squat, and hop back.

WOOH!!! Extra rep for me.

So, hands behind your head.

Come forward! Squat! Left, right! Come on! Use those abs.

Hop back! Right! WOOH! Bring it forward.

Assume the position.

This is a quad killer, right here.

Step into it.

Low – and forward.

Half-way there.

Try to reverse which leg comes down first,each time.

WOOH! I feel this.

I'm still hanging in there though.

Step back into a squat, then back.

5 seconds.

One more hop.


OH LORD!!! My legs are on fire, yo! So, we're doing these every day for the next12 days – including today.

From here, we're going to do Power Knee Push-ups.

If you're modifying, I want you to get onyour knees.

Push-up and Jab.

Otherwise, everybody down to your plank.

Bring that right foot off of the ground.

We're going to push-up and knee for four.

Leg stays out.

Three! Four! Switch legs.

Left leg is up.

Down! Exhale forward! Come on! Really focus on that core, as we hold thatleg up – and switch! Breathe it out.

Half-way there.

Tighten that core.

Your butt is not in the sky.

Come on! At least one more.

Let's go! Down! Feeling these.

Drive those knees all the way forward.

One more! Let's get some more.

For good luck, I'm going to do a burpee.

Down! Both knees come, and hop.

Breathe it out.

We're going into 180 Hook Sprints, from here.

Speaking of "hook", this workout is "off thehook.

" I was already doing workouts earlier.

As you can see, I tore my Christmas hat, butthat's how we get down [lol].

If you're modding it out – 4 hooks, 4 hooks,brisk march.

Everybody else, starting from the right.

We're going 1, 2, 3, 4, hooking over.

8 High Knees.

To the left.

Come on! We're really using that core.

You can really feel this after that last move.

Kicking some butt.

BOOM!!! Up! Over! I'm getting hit in the eye by this hat's ball.

Come on! Up! Oh brother.

Let's go! 5 more seconds.

Jog it out! A few more hooks.


20 seconds.

I'm loving the rest.

Alright! Somebody is talking some madness in the chatroom.

Thank you so much, Skit Man.

We're going into Scramble Jacks.

To modify – 2 jumping jacks and shuffle overto 2.

Otherwise we're getting down to the floor.

Turn to the side.

We're up! 1, 2, scramble over! Come on! Using that whole body – and down! Hustling – and down! We're jump-starting those goals for 2017 – alittle bit early this year.

I'm going for 4 jacks.

3, 4 – listening to my body.

That's what my body wants to do.

10 seconds.

Over! Up! Give me four!.

And breathe.

OMG! Merry Christmas, everyone! From here, we're going into Curtsy Hops.

This takes balance.

Lower body and core strength.

If you're modifying, I want you to step backand UP! Everybody else is going to Curtsy behind thefoot and back up to the side.

So, we're down – and Up! Down, nice and slowly, hop up! WOOH! Quad time! BOOM!!! Half on the left.

Half on the right! My legs have had it, but I'm still hangingin there.

Come on! Failure is okay.


Shake it out.

Other side.

We're down.

And up! Good.

I'm feeling a little bit more strength onthis side, so I'm going to hop a little bit higher.

BOOM!!! and down! Up! 10 seconds.

Fighting for balance, getting the sweat outof my eyes.

Come on! One more! Down.

That's how you BRING IT!!! Alright, so the next move is crazy! If you're modifying, I want you to jog, giveme 4 knees, then I want you to knee to the side.

Back to a jog, 4 knees, and to the other side.

Everybody follow me.


So, we're going to start on the floor withMountain Climbers.

We're down! Give me 8! 5, 6, 7, 8, Up! High Mountain Climber.

4 Knees to the left.

2, 3, 4, to the floor – 8! Come up high! This is for all of the cookies [lol].

4 right knees.

2, 3, 4, back to the floor.

WOOH!!! I'm dying here.

Come on! 10 seconds! Left Knees! 1, 2, 3, 4! Give me one burpee – and we're done! Breathe! Yo! That was insane.

You got it, Dana.

It's tough, but you can definitely do it.

What's up Fit Fambo? Up next, Back Fist Sprints.

Elbow, back fist, brisk march – that's yourmodification, then the other side.

Everybody else is moving with it.

So, elbow, back fist – catch your breath.

Jog or Brisk March.

BOOM!!! It feels like I set the sun on top of my head.

This hat is so hat, there's so much sweatunder this hat.

Let's go! Come on! We're working it for the Holidays.

BOOM!!! and back! Jog! If you're doing this in the future, regardlessof if I've got on a Christmas hat on or not, this workout it good all Year.

Back! Breathe.

Yo! Shout-out to everybody doing this workout,right now.

Shout-out to the Netherlands.

We're definitely getting a Merry Christmassweat.

One of your favorites is up next – I'm beingsarcastic.

Cowabunga Squats.

So, to mod – come down.

Over and tap theother knee.

Everybody else, we're going to tap the floor.

Ground! Up! Then we turn to the side.

Working those quads, working those glutes.

Come on! Hop up high and over! BOOM!!!.

And down! This is how we do it, people! Legs are onfire, we're more than half-way through with this workout move.

WOOH!!! I felt that one.

It's okay to take a breather.

10 seconds.

My legs said "forget that sweat" [lol].

Down! One more squat! and breathe.

180 Lunges are up next.

So, if your legs weren't tired.

This is DEFINITELY a failure move.

Hey, baby – my wife is in the chat room.

To modify, you're going to step diagonallyto each side – left and right.

This is failure, so do your best.

We're switching with the lunge – turning witheach and every single lunge.

Really working on those quads – the top frontpart of that leg.

When we get to one side – take a break ifyou've got to.

That's failure.

We're going back over towards the other side.

Take as many breaks as you need.

Don't bang that knee into the floor.

Focus on form over everything else.

My legs are more sore than they've ever been,but we're doing this anyway.

10 seconds.

As much failure as you need.

Come on! We're in here together.

I'm doing two and taking a break.

Go at the routine that you've got to.

BOOM!!! I'm going to need some new quads after this[lol].

Thanks so much, Mohamed.

Merry Christmas to your family as well.

We're going into Accordions.

So, if you're modifying, you're on your knees- a lot of us are going to be modifying.

We're going to do a push-up left and right.

Everybody else is in Accordions, so I wanta solid plank, here.

You're going to push-up – walk back, downinto a plank, then back forward.

This is move 13 out of 25, so we're alreadymore than half-way through with this workout.

Down and up! Keep those abs tight! I know that they're sore.

I know that we're working them.

Legs are straight.

Walk it forward.

Catch your breath, but sync your breath withyour moves.

So, we're inhaling down, exhaling up – pushingfrom those triceps and shoulders.

Abs are working here.

Last one.

Coming back, down, up, and breathe.

So I made it half-way through with the hat.

Let's see about the other half.

Up next, we're going into Side to Side JabSprints.

First catch your breath.

Hey, Carbs are Happiness.

Yeah, you can definitely do this workout lateron if you need to.

Everybody can do this move the same.

If you need to mod – stand in place for 4,then Brisk March.

We're just going to jab over for 4.

2, 3,4, and jog – you don't have to sprint.

Catch your breath – you worked for it.

We're more than half-way through with thisworkout.

So this is where we catch our breath – andget ready to bring it for the rest.

Over! Come on!.

3, 4, jog.

I feel like I've got a Jheri Curl – so muchsweat is on my forehead, right now [lol].

Come on! Over! Really embrace this move, as we catch ourbreath.

Focus on keeping those abs tight and thatform together.

Last jog.

And breathe.


We're going into Tuck Jumps next – Tri-JabTucks.

Thanks so much, Amando.

So, we're going over – 1, 2, 3, Knee.

This is your modification.

Three and Knee.

Everybody else – 3 Jabs, 1 Tuck.

3 Jabs,2 Tucks, as many as we can get for 40 seconds.

Let's go! Come on!.

2, 3, Tuck! Land softly on those feet.

Come on!.

2, 3, and Up! WOOH!!! Get those hops.

I was supposed to do two there.

I'm doing three.

2, 3! Come on! Over! Make it clean.


And over! 5 Tuck Jumps! Come on.

Give me those hops.

Breathe it out.

Six! This is the last one! Seven! Give me 7 here.

5, 6, 7 – breathe! Yes!You all are KILLING IT! We're going to do Ballerina Burpees.

If you're modifying, you're going to stepdown into a burpee, come up, hop over on one leg, then step down with both legs, up, hopover with the other leg.

Everybody else, do one leg at a time.

I am "DOG TIRED!", we're in this together,let's EARN that Fist Bump.

Left leg is up, we're going over – hopping.

To the ground, and up.

Still on that left leg.

If you're modifying, switch legs each time.


And up! Now we switch to the right.

Use those abs.

Solid plank, as you go back.

Then hop over.

Down! and in! Switch! Half-way there.

Down! In! Really tighten those abs.

Down! In! Switch! 10 seconds.

One more! Down! In! Way to go, people.

Look, we're going for Side Knee Sprints.

4 knees over, sprint or brisk march.

I'm taking a knee and catching my breath.

You all play it smart.

This hat is about to go flying off of my head[lol].

It is soaking wet.

OMG! Alright, we've got 8 seconds.

Last breath, exhale.

Side Knee Sprints.

4 Knees over – sprint it out.

Let's go! 1, 2, 3, 4, jog!.

Or sprint.

Knees! Come on! Using that core.

I know that it's tired.

We've only got 8 more moves to go.

40 seconds of work for each one.

We've come to far to give up.

So be present, no pun intended – actually,it is [lol].

Let's go!.

2, 3, 4, up! 10 seconds.

Come on! I'm here with you, baby.

I feel it too! Last jog! Yo! I took an extra second there.

We're going into a Side Lunge Switch.

This hat is OVER, Dinevious.

Skit Man, what's up?! So, if you're modifying, you're going over,lunge, then lunge.

Everybody else, lunge, then going backwardsand switching.

So, we're coming over, chest is up, back,switch it out.

Left – or whatever leg you're on – back, switch.

Stabilize yourself.

Catch your breathe.

Focus here – on every muscle in your body,as you go through this.

Over! Back! Dynamic here, working different planes ofmotion.

Back! Switch it out! Over! 10 seconds.

Back! Over! One more back.


180 push-ups coming up next.

This is going to be tough.

What we're going to do – if you're modifying,I want you to give me a push-up, then punch out to the left.

Push-up, punch to the right.

Everybody else, I want you to really dig downdeep, tighten your core.

We're going to do a push-up, punch back, allthe way to the front, okay? So, we're going to push-up, punch back withthe left.

Push, 45 degrees with the left.

Push, straight to the side.

Back to 45 – every push-up.

Going forward.

Now we're going to switch arms.

Right is going forward – now this is tough! 45! To the right! 45! and Back! Now bring it back forward.

Come on – a little faster.

Let's go to the left.

Back! To the left! Left and right.

Time is almost up! One more – to the left! One more for good luck.

I'm sorry, I just lied [lol].

I miscalculated the time.

From here, Jab Squat combo.

We're doing good.

This is move 20.

5 moves after this.

You definitely got this, Dana.

Look, if you're modding, take the jump outof it.

We're down.

Down! Uppercut for 4 over, to the other side.

Everybody else, we're going to hop into it.

Down! 5 more moves after this! Uppercut! 2, 3, 4.

Come on! Down and up! Down and up! Let's move! 3, 4, so we're to the left.

Push that butt back, keep that chest up, keepthose abs tight.

Moving over for 4.

To the right! Come on! You got this! I'm here struggling with you.

If you're struggling, let me know in the commentsection.

You've got a bunch of people, who are willingto cheer you on and help you push to that fist bump.

Last jab.

My legs have had it, this hat has had it.

Heisman Sprints are up next.

Keep on fighting, people.

Thank you all so much, for encouraging eachother.

So, you're modifying – jog, to the left, jog,to the right – 8 count each.

Chest is up! We're down! Hopping over for 4.

Sprint for 8.

4 more moves after this.

COME ON! Dig down deep, fight for that 2nd wind.

Push off those haters and sprint it out.

This is the best gift that you can give yourself.

It's doing the best you can every day.

You only need to know 3 things to crush yourgoals.

You need to know where you are, you need toknow where you want to go, and you need to know how to get there.

This is how you get there.

So, it's just a matter of time, before youhit your goals.

BOOM!!! Sprint.

One more squat.

Over! It took everything to do that last one, butI know that you all are here with me.

Up next, we're going crazy.

Donkey Sprints.

You all got it.

So, if you're modifying – it's hard to evenshow you right now [lol] – we're going to step over, over, come up, and jog.

Everybody else, we're doing Donkey Hops for4.

So, we're down! 1, 2, 3, 4, you're going to come up.

Sprint it out! Come on! If you're modifying, you're jogging.

Back down, starting from the other side.

Let's go! Hop! Don't stomp those feet.

In! Up! Yes! This is beautiful.

Keep on pushing! Down! 15 seconds! WOOH!!! Quads are cursing me out – and I'm pushingthrough! Good.

Hop up, give me a burpee, and we're done.

Back! Up! Hop! My lungs are on fire.

My legs are DEAD! We've got Box Sprints, coming up next.

Out of breath – and pushing it.

Way to go! To mod this out, you're going to step overfor 3 – and back over for 3.

Everybody else, we're going in 4.

We're going 1, 2, 3, to the right.

Back! Come on! Get those frowns off of your faces.

We're almost done! 2 more moves after this! Back! It's all worth it, don't give up! You can do this! To the left.

And back! Forward!.

And over! Back! Let's go! Bring it back! Almost there.

Good! 10 more seconds here.

Hang in there.

Keep those abs tight, drive that knee up.

Just a few more.

Back! Over! Breathe.

We're going for Relay Sprints, so we're goingto run and tap the ground for 3.

Up for 8.

We're taking up that cardio.

I did a little bit of boxing in High School.

So, we're going to run, tap your knee for3, if you're modifying – everybody else, we're tapping the floor.

Let's go! 1, second to last move.

3, up! Sprint like you mean it.

1 more move to go.

And OVER! WOOH!!! Fighting for that 2nd wind.

Bring it down!.

And up! Good! That's me shaking my head trying to get someair up under this hat.


And over! Don't work out in a Christmas hat EVER, people!5 seconds – tap for 3.

2, 1 more.

This is it – the final 40 seconds.

You can do it.

It's going to be tough, so catch your breath.

Hang in there, people, we're doing Hop OverBurpees.

To modify, you're going to step over for 3 knees, and then walk down, 1 foot ata time, into a burpee – then back over for a 3 knee Heisman, back down.

It's like we did in Box Sprints.

Everybody else, we're going to hop over, downinto a burpee.

Let's go! Last 40 seconds.

And over! Come on! Tuck those knees up.

BOOM!!! You're flying through the air.

30 seconds.

This is it! After this, we can rub those legs and cry- do whatever we've got to do.

Down! Half-way through.

I fought for that one! Come on! Stepping into it, to modify.

3 over, step down.

Last 10 seconds.

Let's go! Over! I'm fighting.

Give me at least one more.

Down and up! Ohhhhhh!!! We made it.

The hard part is over.

Merry Christmas, people.

I'm taking a knee.

Catch your breath.

We've got a few seconds.

We're going to stretch it out.

NEVER skip the stretch.

I know that a lot of people hit the "X button",when it's time to stretch, but you want to take care of your body.

First move is Hug & Love.

So, we're just going to start off by hugging,loving, and appreciating that body.

If you enjoyed this, if you got your buttkicked, look in the description – we're doing 12 days of live straight – and there are goingto be replays, if you can't make the live time.

Chest is up, butt is back, inhale up, exhaleyour hands down.

Breathe it out.

We're rocking left and right – taking careof that lower spine.

Legs are straight.

Opposite hand to opposite arm.

Hands are under your shoulders, knees areunder your hips, Cat Cow.

Exhale! Still breathing, come on! Inhale.

You guys, rock so much.

Thanks for all of your support.

Thanks for getting up and kicking butt withme, today.

And we made 2016 the best year ever – and I owe it all to you all.

From here, our knees are separated, exhalethe hands back.

Left hand towards the left, right hand ison top – hips are back and towards the right.

Right armpit is down towards the ground, we'regetting a great stretch in those side ribs on the right.

Still breathing it out.


Now, right hand is towards the right, lefthand is on top.

We're getting so close to that live Fist Bump,people.

Keep on fighting.



WOOH!!! I feel it.

Breathe it out.

Just a few more seconds.

Come on up, people.


So the right knee is bent, we're going toinhale up, with the left leg.

Exhale out, grab onto those toes on the left.

Knee is going back.

Straightening the left leg – working the calves,the hamstrings, the glutes.

Abs are tight.


Stretching out that back as well.

Pulling – lengthening the stretch, flexingthat foot.

Let's roll forward and back.

Other side.

Inhale up! Exhale down! Grab onto those toes.

I've got a gummy worm on my foot? The kids got trash all in the front.

Breathe it out – 2 more stretches after this,then we're getting that Fist Bump! I'm starting to catch my breath.


Roll forward.

This i it, people.

Right foot is down – nice and sturdy.

Hold onto a wall, if you need to.

Reach under that left leg, with that lefthand.

Knees are straight down, hips are going forward,heels are towards your glutes.

Extend that arm out.

Breathe it out, exhale.


Final side.

This is the moment that we've been waitingfor today.

Left foot is down.

I had such a BLAST working out with you alltoday.

Knees down, hips forward, heels towards thethe glutes.

We're going right into that Fist Bump.

I'm struggling just to balance myself.

5 seconds, then we're going to come out ofthis nice and slowly and get that Fist Bump that we've all earned.

So, come and get that Fist Bump, baby.

This is it! BOOM!!! Fist Bump!!! Way to ROCK IT with us live.

Look, if you haven't already, go ahead andcheck us out on Patreon.

We're doing 12 days of live workouts.

So, we did this one here on YouTube – therest are going to be on Patreon.

All you have to do is pledge one of the monthlylive workout playlists, that's $5 or $10 or more, and you're going to get 12 days of workouts- in addition to that, you're going to have access to our previous live workouts and otherexclusive workouts there, as well, alright? So thank you so much for all of your support.

Merry Christmas to all of you all.

Happy Holidays.

I hope that you all have a great time withyour family.

I'm going to check up with you all – untilthen.

I can't even talk anymore [lol] – I'm outof breath.

I'm going to "holla" at you all.

Until next time, it's your boy Mill Hoy.

Take care, and peace out! BOOM!!! Way to ROCK IT, people.

Source: Youtube

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