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60 Minute Fat Burning Beginners Cardio HIIT Home Workout – Easy High Intensity Interval Training

Yo! What's up? It's your boy, Millionaire Hoy and today wehave a 60 minute, total body, rapid fat burning beginners workout – that you can do straightfrom home.

So, if you're looking for a beginner workoutthat can take things to the next level, that you can work gradually up to intermediate,and at the same time BLAST away lots of calories – and REALLY BRING IT, if you have an hourlong to work out, this is the workout right here for you.

So, we've got a few more seconds.

Get a quick sip of water, put a BIG OL' brightjuicy smile on your face.

We're going right into this with the warm-up.

You can see the previews and modificationsright above, for every single move.

So go at your own level and let's bring it.

We're going to start with Jump Ropes – jumpingand kicking those feet straight out.

Inhale in through the nose.

Exhale via the mouth – and get that heart-rateup.

Get that energy going and just BRING IT!!! Good.

Now, if you can't make it the entire 60 minutes,that's totally fine, just go as long as you can.

If you can make 10 minutes today, then thenext time you can make 20, and work your way all the way up to 60, that's perfectly fine.

Just go at your own pace, listen to your body,and go just a little bit out of your comfort zone.

From here, we're going right into a smallBrisk March for 10 seconds – just marching it out.

We're going to go into this in-between everymove for the warm-up.

Just so that you can gain your bearing andget ready to BRING IT for the next exercise move.

Up next, we're going into a light jog.

So, Jog it out.

and breathe.

Lock those abs in.

Don't stomp those feet.


Nice and soft on those knees – and swing thosearms.

Breathe it out.

Let's go! You're doing an excellent job, just keep onpushing.

If you need to, the modifications are up thereand available for you to follow right along, throughout this workout.

There's never any shame in modifying.

Just a few more seconds.

From here, right into Brisk March.

So, we're down.

March it out.

WOOH!!! I'm starting to feel this.

My heart-rate is starting to come up.

The blood is flowing all throughout the body.

We're getting ready to BRING IT for this workout.

So, we're going into Shadow Jabs.

We're going to jab for two.

and over.

This is going to take some coordination.

So as you see right up in the mods [lol] I'mtrying to point and jab at the same time.

You see right in the modifications that youcan stand in place and throw those jabs out.

Or try to coordinate throw this move.

Challenge your body to have a little bit ofmuscle memory.

Let's go! Breathe it out! Two more.

Right into a Brisk March! So, we're going to march.

Or you can take a break right her and grabsome water in-between the moves.

Let's GO! My abs are locked in and I'm leaning forwardabout 45 degrees.

We're going right into Jumping Jacks, youknow this move.

Jump up – exhale as those arms come up.

Inhale as they come down.

Your feet are jacking in and out.

And you're breathing.

Let's go! If you want to take the impact out of this- you see the modifications, just step, keep that tempo going.

You can still BRING IT, while being easieron the knees.

Let's go! Breathe it out.

We're going right back into a Brisk Marchexercise.


March it out.

The next exercise move that we're going todo are Quick Knees.

So, you're going to give me two knees on eachside.

We're going to use those abs, keep them tight,and get that cardio up! One! Two! To the other side.

To modify – one knee at a time.

Let's go! Breathe it out.

COME ON!!! I feel the blood pumping through my lungs.

If you can't exercise this fast, go at yourown pace.

You can slow things down.

Just BRING IT!!! Put in the time and do the best that you canwith EVERY second of this workout.

Let's go! Back to a Brisk March.

and Down.

March it out.

There we go.

Feeling good.

Feeling uplifted.

Feeling free in our own bodies, as we workit.

From here – Butt Kicks.

Knees are down.

We're going to kick up towards those glutes.

Knees are straight down, you're trying tokick yourself in the butt as you do this workout.

Breathe it out.

There we go.

Really try to kick yourself up towards thoseglutes.

10 seconds.

After this, we're going right into a BriskMarch – and then we're going to do some really quick dynamic stretching.

Just to make sure that the blood is flowingall the way throughout that body – and that we're ready for the workout.

So, go ahead and breathe.

Brisk March.

Abs are locked in.

From here – Hug & Loves.

You're going to spread those arms, open upthat chest and back, kick those feet out.



WOOH!!! I did chest yesterday, so everything up topis nice and sore.

So, we're going to just stretch it out.

Let this opportunity go by we're you're catchingyour breath, but you're still moving.

You're still getting prepared for this workout.

Just a few more seconds.


We're just going to twist left and right,bringing that knee up and hooking over.

There we go.

balancing a little bit, twisting that torsoand driving those knees up – a few more seconds and then we're going right into aside lunge Good.

So, you're going to go to the side not allthe way down and over left and right.

let me step over so we can go Push that buttback.

Now if you can, drop it low dig deep intothat lunge but that's if you're advanced okay otherwise we're stay up top one one more.


Now give me some quick flamingos.

So, we're just going to reach under left handunder the right foot.

Then to the right left and right – a littlebit of balance here just pull down.

Knees are coming straight down we're not goingto hold it.

Just stretching out those quads.

There we go.

One more – and breathe we're done with thewarm-up.

You have 30 seconds right now as I said ifyou can't make it all the way through these 60 minutes go at your own pace – modify if you need to take breaks if you need do whatever you have to do to keep that time going, but commit to the time so if you have to take breaks go ahead and take them but keep that 60 minutes and say I'm going to commit to doing as much as I can within this time Make it to some water really really quickwe're going into the first circuit so we have five moves, we're going to go through eachmove 3 times in the circuit, alright? So the first move we're going to do is cardio circuit we're going to go ahead and step into thejumping jack Three! Four! You're going to jog.

Five! Six! Seven! Eight! and over – 2, 3, 4, and back to jog 5, 6,7, 8, we're going through each move once – 30 secondsof work and then we go ahead and do each move a little more advanced each round for three rounds.

Jack! 2, 3, 4!! good you got 20 seconds right here to catch your breath then we're going to the side jab squat what we're going to do is we're going to comedown and jab up.

other side – down, up, down,up, I want you to memorize these moves the first time to go through these five and then the second time you can advance it if you can, so your chest is up we're just squating down and up.

Butt is back other side.

If you think it's easy we're going to take it up as the next roundgoes up or you can add right now and hop it out but, push that butt back – get that form together right now – while we can – other side You can do anything for 30 seconds so keepit going down and up other side.

Push your butt down to an invisible chair.

Last one.

and breathe 20 seconds to get some water, get to towel-offyour face, get motivated to bring it for the next move.

So collect your breath right here and getready to bring it.

Up next, we have side to side Heismans.

We're going to go for a three step, so we'recoming over 1, 2, 3.

1, 2, 3.

You can keep the feet down, if you want tomodify, or bring them high, like I'm going to do for this move.

So we're going over.

Hold it on the third.

and over! Bring it! Come on! Lock in those abs.

Don't stomp those feet.

Let's go! Act like you're stepping through some tiresright now! Come on! Through each tire – and drive that knee up.

Holding those abs really really tight as wework it here.

I know that this is a beginners workout, butI want you to give me all that you have in every single exercise move.

This is still HIIT – it's still high intensity.

Let's go! Breathe.

30 seconds.

well, 20 seconds – I don't wantto give you too much.

Then we're going right into Side Knees.

So, the first round through this High Knees- we're going to go four knees on each side, and then four on the other side.

If you need to modify, you're going to belower here instead of bringing it high.

I'm going to start with the right.

Right knee over and we're bring those kneesin for four.

Other side – give me four here.

We're really working those abs, here.

So, I want you to keep everything tight.

You're leaning to the side, but you're drivingthose knees up using those abs – exhaling and clinching that core each time.

Working on that six-pack without doing anycrunches.

Let's go! Last four.

One! Two! Three! Four! One more for good luck.

BOOM!!! and breathe.


We've got one more move and then we're goingto go through these moves again, but just a little more advanced.

So, the next move that we have are StackedPush-ups.

So, what I want you to do is come down towardsthe ground.

Your knees are going to be on the ground,we're going to bring our left elbow down.

right elbow.

then right elbow down.

lefthand up.

Follow me through.

Look at the previews right now, to followalong.

We're on our knees, butt is down – we're goingright elbow, left, right left.

and then down.

Opposite direction.

Keep those abs tight.

Right, left, right, left.

Then left, right, left, right.

As we do these push-ups, you're working onthose shoulders.

on those triceps.

You're working on your chest a little bithere, and this is how you warm-up and start practicing to start working on your upper-body,while doing push-ups in standard form.

We're going to go through a few moves to showyou one more.

and breathe.


Now, we went through each move, hopefullyyou memorized how the moves go.

This time we're going to add a little bitmore intensity.

If you feel uncomfortable adding more intensity,what I want you to do is go back to the previous version of these moves, okay? Each time we're going to take it up – as yougo through this workout more and more you'll be able to do it more advanced.

Alright? So don't beat yourself up if you can't doit today.

So, we're going to start with a jog, we'reright back into the Cardio Circuit.

Give me a jumping jack now.

2, 3, 4 – and butt kicks, instead of anotherjog.

5, 6, 7, 8, and back into jumping jacks.

2, 3, 4, sprint! and we're back up.

Give me four here.

8 butt kicks.

4 jumping jacks.

Jog it out.

Almost there.



That's your time.

So, we took it up.

Last time we kind of stepped through.

This time we added a little bit more.

Next time we're going to spin around and doa little bit more craziness.

So, up next we're doing a Side Jab Squat.

So we're going to keep the static positionand when we come up, we're going to throw some uppercuts left and right for four – andthen go down and up, down and up, on the other side.

So, let's get down – and we're bringing it.

Down and up, butt is back, and up – uppercutfor four! 2, 3, 4, to the right.

Breathe it out.

Tighten those abs as you through those uppercuts.

And DOWN! You can do it.

BOOM!!! WOOH!!! Getting that sweat.

This is going to take some coordination.

Remember, the side that you're jabbing withis the first side you're going to uppercut over with.

So we're going left, right, left right, downand up – and we're done.


Alright, we almost beat that time, but weadded a little more to it.

Up next – last time we did three Heismansover, this time we're going to do 5, alright? So we're going to go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, SITCK.

And over.

Stick! You're learning to advance and go throughthese progressions.

If this is too much, go back to three or youalways have the modifications.

So come on! We got the energy going.

Let's go! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – drive that knee up! BOOM!!! Stepping through those tires.

Come on, this is HIIT right now, people.

You're working out at home, so if you're lookingcrazy.

if you're sweating, it doesn't matter.

No one can see you [lol].

So don't be ashamed or embarrassed.

BRING IT!!! Giving it everything you've got.

You're working your core here to drive thoseknees up.

Using your bodyweight to build your body.

So no matter where you go, your body is yourown gym.

BOOM!!! and that time just flew by – I barelyeven noticed it.

We've got 20 seconds here.

We're going right into Side Knees.

As you can see, the sweat is starting to formon this shirt.

So, last time we did 4 on each side and 4on the other side.

This time we're going to stay on one sidefor 15 seconds, and then hit the other side for 15 seconds.

Right leg is out, left knees is coming in,and BRING IT UP!!! Reach up like you're grabbing your opponent'sshirt – and you're bringing that knee down, like it's self defense.

Tighten those abs.

Twist that torso forward.

Lock those abs inand drive those knees.

What do I mean by "locking in those abs?" Let's go to the other side and I'll show you.

What I mean is that you're going to act likesomebody is going to try and hit you in the stomach – and you're going to brace your absfor impact.

That's how you work your core throughout allof these moves.

Give me FIVE!!! 4, 3, 2, 1 – there we go.

We brought it.

It was a little more intense, because we stuckto each side for a little bit longer – really letting those abs take that damage, alright?.

But in a good way [lol].

Up next, we got Stack Push-ups.

So, this time when we come up from the stack,we're going to do one push-up and then come back down to the stack, alright? So, we're going to do a little "Pop Locking"here.

Get down to the floor – we're going to goleft, right, left, right.

Give me one push-up.

Then we're going right.

down and up, working.

Building that upper body gradually.

I want you all to push yourself right to theedge of your comfort zone on each exercise move.

Don't push past it though.

Back off right at the edge of your comfortzone.

Let's go! Almost there.

You feeling these, but trust me, you're buildingup that push-up strength.

And breathe.

Alright, so we went through all 5 moves.

We have one more time for this circuit.

We're going to go through all five moves justa little bit more.

So this time we can kind of move around ina circle, as we do this Cardio Circuit, okay? So, we're going to start off with four jogs.

We've got just a few more seconds.

Let's go right into it.

So, we're jogging it up for 8.

5, 6, 7, 8.

Turn to the side and give me 4 jumping jacks.

3, 4 – do the previous version.

Turn and 8 butt kicks.

Jack over for 4.

Jog it out.

Come on, we're getting into that cardio rightnow.

This is cardio HIIT, this is what it's allabout.

And even though we're beginners, we're stillworking it.

Do your best.

Almost there – Jog! That's not so bad, is it? I know that you're probably like "my heart-rateis up, I'm getting my butt kicked, I'm sweating, but I'm feeling good", alright? The next exercise move, we're doing Side JabSquats.

So this time we're going to add a hop.

If that's too much impact on your knees, Iwant you to go ahead back to the previous version – but this time we're going to hopdown and up, four uppercuts, over towards the other side of the room, down and up.

So let's get a little bit crazier.

We're down! and up! Uppercuts over! 2, 3, 4! If this is not where you're at today, it's"all good.

" You'll work your way up to this eventually,but I wanted to give you all a few examples of each exercise move – that way you can knowhow to push yourself, or you'll have something to work towards.

Because although we're beginners, we don'twant to stay at a beginner level.

We want to work up to be more advanced overtime.

Move! Now, Side to Side Heismans.

This is going to be tougher.

This is more of an intermediate move.

We're going to step over for 3, so we're goingback to 3s, but then we're going to step down to a burpee-like position, step back up, andthen over to the other side, alright? Definitely, if that's too much, you see theprevious version.

A few more seconds, get that heart-rate backup.

Get that energy back up and we're going for1, 2, 3, step that foot down! Up! Over! 1, 2, 3 – HOP! Step the right foot back.

Step it right back up! Come on! Up! Hopping.

Compound movement.

We're using the entire body to work it.

That's how you BLAST AWAY calories.

That's how you burn fat.

That's how you stay functional – knowing howto not only look good, but how to use your body.

Give me three over.

Hop and breathe.

Excellent job.

From here – Side Knees.

I know that heart-rate is up, so up next,what we are going to do for this exercise move – we're going to do 4 knees to the right,4 knees in the middle [going left and right] and 4 knees to the other side – and back tothe middle, alright? This is really going to work on that core.

So let's bring it.

Right leg is over.

We're going 1, 2, 3, 4.

You know the count, back to the middle for4.

Switch those legs – alternating.

And over.

Come on! Work that core! Don't suck in that belly, I want you to tightenthat core.

3, 4, good.

Six-pack time! While at the same time blasting away cardio.

While blasting away calories [oops].

I'm getting my butt kicked, I can barely talk.

Let's go! 2, 3, 4 – and breathe.

One more move in this circuit and then youhave a full 30 second rest, before we go into the next 5 moves – that we're going to gothrough for 3 circuits.

So the next move we're going to do – StackPush-ups.

Now this is tough.

Only do this if you can, otherwise keep yourknees down.

What we're going to do is you're going tobring those knees off of the floor and stack in standard form.

So your knees are off the floor.

we're goingdown – left, right, left, right.

If this is too much, then dial back and havethose knees on the ground.

Let's go! But every time you come back to this workout,you're getting stronger and stronger – and eventually you're going to get to the pointwhere you're like "Man, these moves are too easy for me.

I need to take it up", right? Then and only then do I want you to take itto the next level.

Let's go! Down! Give me one more push-up for good luck.

Down and up.

And breathe.

Excellent job.

So, I lied to you.

Instead of only 30 seconds, we have a full40 seconds.

So I want you to recover, get some water,towel yourself off.

Do not sit down, I want you to keep that energy going as we get readyto bring it for the next 5 moves – that we're going to go through for 3 circuits.

So, we have a total of 4 circuits – 4 roundsthat we're going to go through this [sorry] – sweat and math doesn't add up.

so, wehave 4 different circuits that we're going to go through – if you look at the description,it's perfectly laid out for you there.

Alright, so the first move that we're goingto do is Back Fist Sprints.

Elbow, back fist, elbow, back fist, we're going to sprint.

Let's get it.

Okay, so we're going right into Back FistSprints.

We're going to go elbow, back fist, elbow,back fist, sprint it out.

Good! This is the 2nd circuit, so we're going tobring it! You're flexing your back muscles as you throughthat elbow back and sprint it out.

Good! Your abs are locked in, your chest is forward,and sprint! We have 5 exercise moves – just like we didin the previous circuit and we're going to bring it up.

Taking it up to the next level each time.

Let's Go! Elbow! Last jog.

Lock in those abs.

Feeling great.

You have 20 seconds here.

Catch your breath, alright? Now if you're feeling like this is too easy,if you're a little bit more advanced for a beginner – you can really bring it at morespeed to each round, that way you really WORKING IT as much as you can for 30 seconds.

Up next we're going to do Tap Kicks.

So, we're going to tap our knee, with ouropposite hand – right hand to the left knee and then DRIVE that left knee up.

Half on one side and half on the other.

So, we're tapping down – and KNEE!!! Step that foot back – so you're like in alunge position.

And you're driving that knee up.

Come on! Bring it at your beginner's level.

Just because you're a beginner doesn't meanthat you can't have an effective workout.

So let's go! Your home is a gym.

One more! Other side.


And up! I almost got carried away on that one side.

But we've got to switch it up – one more!.

And breathe.


We've got 20 seconds here, we're going todo a Shuffle Combo, alright? Now in the other rounds we're going to moveleft and right, but in this one I want you to stay grounded in this exercise move.

So what we're going to do is sink down intoa squat – 8 jabs, 8 twists, 4 knees.

You've got 3 seconds.

Let's BRING IT in this HIIT cardio workout.

So, we're down.

Give me 8 jabs.

5, 6, 7, 8.

Twist for 8.

5, 6, 7, 8.

Four knees.


And down.

Come on! Jab it out – don't bang those joints as youthrow out those punches.

That means don't fully extend.

This is going to take some coordination, buthave some fun.

Do your best.

If you fall out of it [the exercise move form]come back as best as you can.

Last 8 jabs.

5, 6, 7, 8 – one for good luck.

There we go.

Now up next, we're going to do a Tri-KneeCombo.

So, what I want you to do is go at your ownpace.

1, 2, 3, Knee.

Over! Boom!!! 2, 3, Knee.

There we go! Go at your own pace.

Listen to your body.

Form over everything else.

So we're going 1, 2, 3, Knee – other side.

Come on! Three! Knee! Remember you're not going to hyper-extendthose joints.

WOOH!!!! I fell out of my coordination a little bit.

That's okay – it happens.

Just come back.

Step that foot out with each jab and bringit in.

A little hop here.

Working that core, BABY! Abs are locked in.

Last knee – and BRING IT! There we go.

We're doing great.

Up next we're going for Stacked Squats.

So we did Stacked Push-ups last time.

This time we're just going to come down left,right, left, right.

Then we're going to bring the last foot thatcomes up, is the first to come down.

So when the right comes up, it goes back down.

right, left, right, left, okay? So once again, coordination – confusing thebody, but that's how we don't hit plateaus.

So, we're going to go left, right – don'tbang that knee into the ground – then back down right, left.

Move those arms.

That's important too.

And down.

Going at your own pace.

Let's go! This is the last move in these 5 moves ofthis circuit.

We're going to go back to the familiar movesthat we did – with a little bit more intensity.

So give me the last stack.

Up! Way to go! So next we're doing Back Fist Sprints.

This time we're going to add a little bitmore of a hop.

Last time we kind of stayed in place.

This time I want you to hop and bring thoseknees a little bit higher for the sprint.

Then over.

A little bit higher for the sprint.

I want you to really charge up, give me yourbest, don't doubt yourself, you can definitely do this.

Just keep on pushing, alright? We've got a few more seconds and then we'regoing right into it.

So we're going to go elbow, back fist, elbow,back fist, sprint a little bit faster.

Come on! Chase somebody down like they owe you $5 dollars- and you gotta catch them right now [LOL].

We're chasing our goals – and we're backingoff the haters.

Let's go.

Fire through those abs.

Let's BRING IT!!! BOOM!!! I feel like Bruce Lee right now.

Come on! Give me another one.

Last sprint.

And breathe.

You're doing a great job.

So up next – Tap kicks.

So last time we did a Tap Knee, this time.


Kick it up.


Kick it up! Half on the left and half on the right.

Then we're going to switch to the other side.

Come on! We're turbo charging and burning calories.

We're burning fat and we're working that wholebody to be functional.

So we're going to tap the right hand to theleft knee – kick up.

Kick! Fighting for balance as you bring that kneeup and kick.

Let's go.


Just 15 seconds on each side.

Come on! You got the groove.

You can get a little groove going.

Add some speed.

Other side! Left hand to right knee – and KICK! Now, one side is going to be different fromthe other.

That's perfectly normal, but do your besteach time.

WOOH!!! Use those abs as you drive that knee up.

Kick! One more – we've got time! BOOM!!! Right on time, alright? Breathe it out.

From here, we're going for a shuffle combo.

So last time we stayed in place.

This time we're going for 8.

We're going to shuffle over.

4 knees.

Shuffle over – 8 jabs, okay? So keep that pace going.

We're bringing it up.

So we're down.

Come on! 8 jabs.

Shuffle! Four knees.

Come on! Shuffle.

8 – WOOH!!! Locking in that core! Shuffle.

Come on! Bring me that 4.

And shuffling back.

Bring it.

10 seconds.

A little bit of a squat here in that shuffle.

4 Knees.

One more shuffle over and you're done.


And breathe.

20 second rest here.

Excellent job.

From here, we're bringing it right back toTri-Knee Combo.

This time instead going "1, 2, 3, Knee", we'regoing to add a little bit more speed.

So we're going to go "1, 2, 3, Knee, and over!.

2, 3, Knee!" Keep that pace of you can.

I know that it's tough, but let's go.

BOOM!!! Come on! 2, 3, Knee! Use those abs.

We're getting that cardio back up.

WOOH!!! This is why this is a HIIT workout – and eventhough it's for beginners, we're BRINGING IT!!! You CAN do this!!!.

And if this is too much- if this is out of your comfort zone – go to the previous modification.

Or a previousprogression of this move.


I didn't make the timer – just a little bitover, but it is good.

We've got 20 seconds of rest any way, so whatwe're going to do the next time is Stack Squats.

We're going to come down left, right, left,right, 1, 2, 3, 4, then right, left, right, left, alright? It's going to be a little bit tougher on thoselegs, so just stack if you need to.

We're right to it for this exercise move.

Left, right, left, right, squat.

1, 2, 3,4.

Come back up! Right.

Sit back into an invisible chair,squeeze those glutes, keep that chest up, and bring it.

Then come down.

I feel that burn.

And back.


A more knee friendly version is the last modifiedone.

And breathe.

That's your time.


From here we're going right into Back FistSprints, okay? So this time we're moving through the room.

This is the last time going through this circuit.

We're going over for 2, then we're going tosprint back over towards the other side of the room.

So we're going to move, okay? Let's get this exercise.

Let's go! Over and up! Over and up! Bring it at your beginner level! 5, 6, 7, 8.

Let's go! Flex that back.

And BRING IT!!! Lift those knees up.

Abs are feeling tight right now.

You're working on that six-pack.

You're working on your back.

You're working on your confidence and yourfunctionality.

Exercise isn't just about how you look, it'sabout how you feel.

So feel good.

You're doing great.

You've pushed far in this workout.

Let's keep going.


Breathe it out.

From here – Toe Tap Kicks.

So, if you can add a hop or if you can takeit really advanced – you're going to bring your hand down to your toe and then kick up.

Down to your toe.

And kick up, alright? Or you can go back to Knee and kick or toknee and knee.

It's up to you, alright? Pick your poison.

So we're coming down – tapping that foot andkicking up.


Stretching through your back.

Go slowly as you tap down – and kick up! There we go! Look at my shirt – it's blue and it's turningblack.

And we're beating up that body black and blue too.

Let's go – other side! Left hand to the right foot.

And kick up! Good! Balance through as you go ahead and shiftthat back leg back.

Give me two more.

More like one.

Bring it! So up next, we've got Shuffle Combo.

Alright, so we're going to throw those jabs.

This time I want you to come lower in yourshuffle.

Like so.

Then I want you to give me four kicks.

Lower! Alright.

If you can't then go back to the previousversion.


5, 6, 7, 8, shuffle.

LOW!!! Low!!! 4 kicks.

1, 2, 3, 4, shuffle over.

Get low.

8 Jabs.

Come on! Go through the progressions at your own pace.

This is a 60 minute workout – and it is designedto meet you at your current fitness level, but I'm giving you options, so that as youadvance – as you do these workouts more often, you'll see the change.

You'll say "Man, I'm getting better", alright? I gave you a few extra seconds there.

We're going right into Tri-Knee Combo.

This time 2 knees, so.

BOOM!!! BOOM!!! Two jabs.

Two Knees.

Alright? That's going to be a little bit tougher, butwe're going to bring it.

Just a few more exercises in this circuit.

So, we're going over! 1, 2, two knees.

Other side! Abs are tight.

Come on! We have one more move in this circuit.

One more exercise move in this circuit.

Andthen we're going for a 40 second rest.

Then we're half-way through this workout.

You're doing great.

Keep on pushing.

And over.


And breathe.


We've got a few seconds there as well.

Alright, so up next we're doing Stacked Squats.

Now, this is going to be a little bit different.

We're going to come down for 4 pulses.

Then we're going to step back.


Give me 2, then up.


Lunge, give metwo, okay? It's going to take some balance and coordination.

So we're down, squat – 1, 2, 3, 4.

Come up.

Reverse lunge on the left.

1 and 2.



Reverse lunge on the right.

Work through those quads.

Balance through the heel in that front leg.

Wide squat.


WOOH!!! We're back.

Last side.

Down! 40 second rest after this.

Let's go! Pause through the quads in that right leg.

My legs are sore, but we still made it alright.

So you've got 40 seconds here.

Get some water.

Towel off.

Get ready to bring it.

We're pushing right to the edge of our comfortzone, but we're not pushing over it.

Always dial back and modify each exercisemove if you have to.

If you need to take a break take a BREAK.

Don't beat yourself up.

It's not about guilt.

Let's go! So, right from here.

We're going to go right into jab sprints.

So what we're going to do.

We're going to do 4 jabs.

And jog.

4 jabs.

And jog, alright? We're going into the 3rd circuit.

We're more than half-way done with this workout.

Let's go ahead and bring it right now.

4 jabs over! So, remember this move.


And over.

2, 3, 4, jog it out.

Lock those abs in.

Let's go! I know that cardio is up, but do your best.

We're sweating.

You came to BRING IT today, baby.

Let's GO! A few more seconds.


So remember that, because as always, we'regoing to bring it up each time.

The next move that we're going to do are ISOLeg Sprints, okay? So what I actually want you to do is one kneeat a time this time, okay? So what we're going to do is bring it up.

For15 seconds on that side.

For 15 seconds on this side, okay? and that's how we're goingto BRING IT!!! So, you're going to balance here, and you'regoing to bring that left knee up.

We're going to BRING IT for 15 seconds here.

Keep that chest upright.

Reach those hands up and drive that knee.


Give me 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – other side and we'rebringing it up! WOOH!!! Love handle city, right now.

Working those obliques as you drive that kneeup to the side.

Reaching those hands up as well – and crunching.

Our abs are tight here.

Working on that six-pack.

And breathe.

From here – Double Jab Jacks.

The first move is going to be the modifiedversion.

We're just going to come up, Jack, and BOOM!! Over! Jack and BOOM!!!! Over! Go a little bit faster than that, but I wantyou to keep the coordination together, alright? It can get a little tricky.

So, we're going to jack up and jab.

Over! at your own pace.

If you can go faster than this, then go ahead.

let's go!.

And BRING IT!!! and Over! Come on! You're doing great.

Keep those abs locked in.

You can go faster.

Come on! Bring it! BOOM!!! Hit hard like you mean it, but don't extendthose joints.

Come on! Good.

We're more than half-way through.

You're a beginner right now, but you mightbe feeling like a pro, because you're still standing and you're still moving – and I'mPROUD of you.

Let's keep going through these exercise moves.

Our next move that we're going to do are alternatinglunges, alright? So what I want you to do is step forward,with the left, and then to the right.

This is going to take some balance.

Take your time.

Go at your own pace, here.

Keep those abs locked, your chest is up, aswe step through.


And forward.

If you want to modify, you can reverse thelunge.

It's going to be a little bit easier.

Let's go! Firing through those quads.

Working the lower body in this exercise move,here.

This is HIIT, we're still bringing it! You might be able to catch your breath here,but definitely working on that strength.

Let's go! Lower body strength.

Right knee now.

Straight from home.

Getting a home workout that's kicking somebutt.


From here, we're going into Half & Half Push-ups.

This is one of my favorite beginners push-upexercises for your upper-body.

What we're going to do first is 2 modifiedpush-ups.

So get on your knees and then we're goingto bring those knees off of the ground and hold plank for a 2 count, before we come backdown for two modified push-ups.

Follow me now.

So, what we're doing is our knees are down- we're pushing down and up.

Exhaling as we come up and the knee come upfor two.



Knees back down and push up from that chest.


Knees are off the ground.

Clench those butt cheeks and bring it backdown.

Let's go!.

And up! Hold it here.

WOOH!!! We're really working on that core, as we holdthat plank.

The plank is a GREAT WAY to work on thoseabs, without doing crunches.


Just make sure that your butt isn't in thesky as you do those, alright? So we just did the 5 moves, hopefully youknow the beginning principles of each exercise move – because we're going to bring it upjust a little bit, okay? What we're going to do now is 4 jabs overand then we're going to sprint.

So we're going to move this time.

So we're going to go 1, 2, 3, 4, JOG! Breathe and jab over.

Using that core, using those obliques, andthen getting that cardio HIIT up as we sprint.

Bringing it at the beginner level, but atthe top of that level.

That way, as you do this exercise where youdo this workout more and more, you're going to make it to the intermediate level of fitness.

And then you'll make it to the advanced level of fitness over time – but NEVER RUSH! Breathe.

Speaking of rushing.

Time is going by very very fast.

Up next, we're going to do ISO Leg Sprints.

So the way this is going to work we're goingto have our right leg out, and we're going to DRIVE that left knee in for 15 seconds.

Then we're going to switch – right knee comesin.

Straight like that, okay? It's going to be crazy, but we're going toBRING IT!!! Good.

So our right knee is up.

15 seconds.

COME ON! Power through! Drive that knee up or go back to the previousversion.

Working those obliques – standing and tappingthat knee.

Let's go! Give me 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – other side and drivethat knee up! WOOH!!! We're bouncing – working that lower-body andthe quads.

And driving that knee forward.

We're working on that six-pack and that cardioat the same time – as we bring it in this compound HIIT exercise move.

Come on! Alright, so you're BRINGING IT!!! This is how we work it, people – from beginner,to intermediate, to advanced.

Bringing it at the level every single time.

So, we're going to do a Double Jack Jab.

WOOH!!! I'm excited.

This time we're going to go Jumping Jack,Jumping Jack, Jab, Jab.

Back over – Jab, Jab.

Let's go! Jack, Jack – Jumping Jack and Jab twice.

Back over! Jab twice.

And breathe.

You've got that sweat on your shirt.

That's proof that you're working hard in thisbeginner's workout.

Come on! You're in the comfort of your home – or morelike the "discomfort" of your home, right now.

Doing this home workout.

Kicking some butt.

The good news is that you can go right andshower right after this.

You don't have to worry about being at a gymor bothering other people.

You're in the comfort of your own home, alright.

So you can workout from home without a gymmembership.

Bringing it and getting stronger every singleday.

The next move that we're going to do are lunges,okay? This time I want you to give me a pulse ineach lunge.

So we're going to come down, pulse, and back- other side, pulse and back.

So going forward, down, and up – and back.

Let's go! Powering through the heel in that front foot- without banging that knee into the ground.


Keeping those hips forward.

I don't want you twisting in that torso.

Your chest is facing forward and it's straightup.


And back.

WOOH!!! Working on that lower-body.

Don't just pop up with that knee.

I want you to SQUEEZE the quads – the toppart of the front of your leg.

Working it as you pulse up.

Up next, we're going to do Half & Half Push-ups.

This time it's just a little bit different,okay? If a standard Push-up is out of your reachright now – for this exercise move – I want you to go back to doing two modified push-upsand holding plank.

Otherwise, we're going to do two modifiedpush-ups and one standard push-up in-between – instead of holding plank.

So knees are down.

We're going to exhale and push up.

Push-up- knees are off the ground for one standard push-up.

Down and up! Good.

Inhale as you come down and exhale as youpush up and away from the ground.

Knees are off the floor.

Down and up, at your own pace.

Flex those abs and make sure that your buttisn't in the sky.

We're just going for 30 seconds – and youCAN do it! Good.

Knees are down.

One more standard push-up.

Knees are off the ground.

Down! Up! Knees down!.

And breathe.

Working the triceps, working the chest, workingthe abs.

Total body, people.

BRINGING IT!!! Flexing the quads and the glutes – workingthe whole body to do that move.

So, up next we're going through the circuitthe final time.

That last time we jabbed over, this time we'rebringing knees over for 4.

Then we're going to jog for 8.

We're going to really work on that core – andI know that we're all working on that six-pack.

So LET'S GO! 1, 2, 3, 4, Jog! Come on! This is the last round of this circuit – andwe have one more circuit to go after this.

We're over! Jog it out.

Over! WOOH!!! This is going to take some balance, but BRINGIT! Over! Breathe.

Great! 20 seconds from here – ISO Leg Sprint.

So we're going to do it a little differentthis time.

Instead of holding stationary – you can keepit here if you want to – this time we're going to come down, tap our foot, and sprint.


15 seconds.

Then we're going to tap the other side andsprint for 15 seconds.

So, right hand first, we're coming down, tappingonto the left foot.

And we're up! Just jog for 15 seconds – bring those kneesHIGH if you can.

Abs are tight.

On one leg, in the previous version.


Just a few more seconds.

3, 2, 1 – come down.

Left hand to the right foot.

And we're up! Jog until you hear that beep.

Chest is up! Using those abs to drive your knees up.

HIIT time, people.

Working that cardio from home.

A few more seconds.

Breathe it out.

Excellent job! So up next – Double Jab Jacks.

We're going to add some speed this time.

So a little bit faster than last time.

Two jumping jacks over and two jabs.

Two jacks and two jabs.

We got this.

Let's go! We're going over! Up!.

And Jab! Add some speed if you can.


But don't throw your arms around.

We still want good form, but BRING IT! WOOH!!! This will open up your lungs right here.

10 seconds left.

And over! You're doing a great job.

Two more moves in this circuit – and thenwe're done for the last circuit – and then we're going to kick some butt.

So Alt Lunges.

This time we're going to add some coordination.

So you can go back to pulsing, or one at atime, but we're going to go 1, 2, and down.

Up! 1, 2, and down! You're going for the 3rd each time – and BRINGINGIT! 30 seconds – coordination.

Let's go! Lunge down nice and slowly as you come intothat lunge.

Add a little Brisk March in-between.

This is HIIT right now, people – but we'restill keeping it at a beginner level, as we work out from home.

Kicking some butt.

Sweating all over theplace – and BRINGING IT!!! Come on! You want rapid fat burning? This is how we do it at the beginner level.

A few more seconds.

One more.

Firing through those quads.

Feeling it in those legs.

The legs are a GREAT place to work, becauseyou're going to burn lots of fat, by working the largest muscle group in your body.

This is going to help you burn fat.

As a matter of fact, doing HIIT exercisescan help you burn fat and calories up to 24 hours after you're finished doing the workout.

I'm out of breath.

We're coming down to the floor.

Half & Half Push-ups.

This time 2 standard push-ups and 2 modified.

So, we're keeping it equal.

Down! 1, 2, push-ups modified.

Knees off of the ground – give me 2 or giveme 1 or hold plank.

it's up to you.

Down and up – 30 seconds.

Knees off of the ground.

Down and up! Knees back down.

Come on! You're doing great.

Give me two more push-ups.

We got it! One more! One modified for good luck.

And breathe.

So, you've got 40 seconds here – and thenwe're going through the final circuit.

And we have 5 more moves – we're going to go 3more times.

And we're going to BRING IT!!! If you made it this far, you're really init and you're really pushing through to CRUSH your goals.

So let's not give up now.

Keep on going if you can – if you have thetime.

Just push yourself to go.

You can take a break as many times as youneed it, alright? So, we got 20 more seconds.

Breathe it out.

The first move that we're going to go intoare Free Throws.

So what I want you to do is step and shoot.

Step and shoot – left and right, okay?.

And then the round after that, we're going tostep a little bit faster, then we're going to step, walk down into a burpee, step andup.

Let's get right into it.

So, we're going to catch and shoot! Just step that foot out! I know that those arms feel it after thosepush-ups.

Just step it out and shoot it.

How many points can you score, as we do thesefree throws? These are the last 5 moves – 3 more timesthrough each circuit.

Let's go! Breathe it out.

WOOH!!! Step to the side, use those obliques – you'reusing those abs, you're twisting to the side and up! Come on! This is the beginner level, we're going totake it up each time.

You know the rules by now.

Up next we're going to do Side Knee Sprints,okay? So we're going to come over – 1, 2, 3, 4,Brisk March, then to the other side.

4 knees, brisk march for 8.

Breathe it out.

I'm excited.

We're almost there, people.

4 knees starting with the left, let's go! Up! 3, 4, jog or brisk march.

And over! Brisk march it out! Let's go! Driving those knees up each time and going! Getting that sweat.

Come on! Let's bring it at the beginner level, becausewe're going to take it up.

At this point, you're a true athlete.

Let's go! It's not about the level of fitness that you'reat, it's about the heart that you have inside – and how you pushing it.

Right now we're more than through with themajority of this workout, but we're BRINGING IT, okay? So keep on PUSHING.

Up next, we've got Hit & Runs.

We're going to start in-place, 4 jabs, andjog.

Just like the HIIT sprints, but we're goingto switch it up later on.

We're going to go.

Breathe it out.

3, 4, jog! and over! Come on! Back over! Twist those obliques and that torso as youthrough those jabs out.

Let's go! Burning fat, blasting away calories, CRUSHINGour goals.

and making it happen.

We're working out for one hour, here.

Which is a feat in and of itself – and you'redoing a great job! So, we're going into lunge squats.

It's exactly how it sounds.

Well, in reverse – we're going to squat andthen lunge.

So we're going to lunge back, with the left.

Then Squat back with the right.

Alright, we're going to go ahead and GET IT! I got sweat on the brain, people.

Take the impact out, we're going to squatand lunge forward with the left.

Squat back.

Lunge with the right.

Let's go! You're doing a GREAT job.

Bringing it at your fitness level – and workingto get stronger every day.

It's not about coming in and doing crazy stuffbefore you're able it.

It's about doing the best that you can withwhat you've got, alright? And right now we're working at a beginnerslevel, we're working with our body – we don't need equipment, we don't need a gym membership- we're DEFINITELY working with what we've got here.

Excellent job! This is the last move in this circuit – andthen we're going to go through this circuit two more times, okay? So, we're going to do Relay Sprints.

So what I want you to do is hop those handups to the knee.

Hop up.

To the knee.

We're going to do that 3 times, alright? So, a little bit quicker than that.

1, 2,3, Brisk March, okay? So we're up – tap! Tap! Twisting to the side for a side lunge.

Andjog – forget the brisk march.

We can bring it now.

Up! Tap! Tap! Turning! and Jog! Come on! Remember these moves – this is the 5th moveof this circuit.

So you'll always have something to fall backon.

There's no shame in that, alright? So we did the move, we're going to go throughthem two more times, then we're going to stretch it out.

Then we're going to get that Fist Bump, alright? So you're doing a GREAT JOB! Keep on going.

My heart-rate is up.

I'm feeling my abs.

We're kicking some butt.

So we're going do Free Throws.

This time a little bit faster.

How many points can we score each time? So we're going to hop to the side and shoot.

Count those points.

Come on! and in the comment section, I wantyou to let me know how many free throw shots, you have in this workout.

Let's go!.

And shoot.

Over and shoot! We're kicking butt.

The kids are home now.

What's up, man? [talking to my son lol].

And we're kickingsome butt.

Over! Good! Y'all are probably beating me right now.

But it's all about doing your best.

One more! BOOM!!! Buzzer beater, right there – kicking somebutt.

So, from here – Side Knee Sprints.

This time we're going to bring the knees over,going to the side, and then we're going to brisk march over and then brisk march to theside, alright? So 4 knees over – I would show you, but Idon't feel like doing it, alright? [LOL] So, I'm going to show you right now.

Let's go! 1, 2.

I'm a little tired, myself.

And brisk march.

Come on! Lots of exercise moves that we do in thisworkout – lots of different variations – the point that I want you to take away from thisworkout is that they are always levels that you can bring it on, no matter what workoutyou're doing.

So there's no need to try and keep up withthe "Joneses" – end up injuring yourself.

End up discouraged and not wanting to work outanymore.

All you've got to do is press the play andsay "Look, I've got 60 minutes, or I've got 30 minutes" or however long your workout isand say "I'm going to commit to that time – and whatever I do in that time is my ownbusiness", alright? But you're committing to this time.

Kick butt and take breaks, if you need it.

So, up next we're going to throw four jabsforward, jog back, 4, and then jog back.

Come on! Let's have some fun.

We're going 1, 2, 3, 4, jog back here.

Come on! To the left.

Breathe it out.

And back.

Let's go! Let's go! Breathe it out! Come on!.

And forward.

Definitely going at your own pace, here.

You're doing great.

I'm surprised that we still got some energy.

That is a good sign.

That means that we're working it just enoughtoday, alright? So, up next, we've got lunge squats, alright? So this time we're going to add a little bitmore impact to it.

So the last time we kind of squatted and wentleft to right.

Squat and went left to right.

This time we're going to hop into the squatand then go into the lunge.

Hop into the squat and then walk into thelunge, alright? So, a little bit more impact, here.

So we're down.

Walk into that lunge on the left.

Squat! To the right – you get it? Come on! Push that butt back into an invisible chair,squat it out, and keep your form together.

It's all about having the correct form, listeningto your body, and pushing through.

As always, you have the beginner level topush through in this move – even though it's a beginners workout.

There are different levels that we can do.

Forward! Come on! Dig deep here.

One more squat – we've got time.

And breathe.

Quads are on fire – that's a good sign.

This is the final move in this 2nd round ofthis circuit.

So this time, we're going to run to the side,tap our knee.

Tap our knee.

Tap! Jog! Then back over – 1, 2, 3, Jog, okay?! We got it! Come on! We're going to challenge our cardio, here! Turn! Tap! Tap! Tap! Jog for 8! Other side! Come on! Run like a relay!.

Like a relay race, here.

Up! Jog it out.

Half-way there.

We've got two more times.

Let's go! Over! One! Two! I'm going a little bit faster.

Up! Last three taps.

We're coming over! One! I know that your legs are tired – just onemore tap – and breathe.


From here – Free Throws.

This time we're walking down into a burpee.

This is going to be a little tough – definitelywatch me.

Look at the previews now – if you need toget a sneak-peek.

Get ready, because we're going to catch quick,shoot, walk into a burpee, other side up, down.

This is the final time that we're going throughthis circuit.

So we're over! Catch! Shoot! Step down into a burpee.

Up! Over! Shoot! Right leg this time.

Driving those knees forward.

Working on that six-pack – compound movementhere.

Working at a beginners level.

And bringingit from your home.

From my home to your home in this workout.

Come on! What would HIIT be?.

What would cardio be without some type ofburpee.

Over! Shoot! We've got time to walk it down!.

And up! Legs, baby!!! So we've got Side Knee Sprints.

If you can, add a little bit more speed here.

The sweat is the proof that we're workingit today.

We're kicking butt and you're still standing.

For some of you, this may be the longest thatyou've ever worked out.

That's perfectly fine, because you're goingat your own pace and you're being safe.

So we're going over! Come on! One! Jog! Come on! Just a few more moves in this workout.

You've come too far to give up!.

And up! Turn up, people! Let's go! My shirt is just about black at this point[LOL].

This is real sweat.

I want you to bring your best in every exercisemove – even if you're tired.

Do the best that you can do.


From here – Hit & Run.

Just a little bit faster this time as well.

Four jabs forward, jog back to 8.

I had to do a little "Bankhead Bounce" Oh,I'm so tired.

but I still have energy, If that makes any sense? Come on, people! We're going 1, 2, step forward, 3, 4, jogback for 8.

Come on! Bring it as a beginner – finish as a winner.

Let's go!.

And forward.

And back! Come on! You're doing great! Two more moves! Jabbing it out! Last jog back! Bring it! So up next, we've got Lunge Squats.

This time we're going to hop into a lungeAND hop into a squat – if you can, or go back to a previous version.

You know this, you've got the muscle memory.

Bring it at your own level.

Always be safe and take the safe route – asopposed to using your ego and trying to do something crazy and rapid, alright? Go at your own pace.

So we're going to squat down!.

Into a lunge! This is more of an intermediate move, here.

To the right! and down! Butt is back.

Keep that form on point.

Only go into this exercise move if you cankeep that form together.

WOOH!!! This is definitely HIIT right now! I FEEL IT IN THE LEGS!!! I feel it in the lungs.

Heart-rate is up as we work it.

Less than 10 seconds left in this exercisemove.

Last one! Squat, forward, final move.

Now, this is a more advanced level that we'regoing into.

So if you need to tap your knee, go ahead.

This time, for the last move, we're goingto run, tap the floor like you're grabbing some money off of the floor.

Down! Up! 8! Last 30 seconds.

Let's BRING IT!.

And we're down! Tap the floor – grab that money! Come on! Money makers, right here! Sprint it out! and back down! Grab! Grab! Grab! and Up! This is it!!! You can make it! You've come this far.

I know that you're tired.

I know that the sweat is flying everywhere,but you got it! Last three grabs! Come on! Grab! WOOH!!! Hand on your knee, if you need to.

Grab! Up! and Breathe! The hard part is over.

You've got a water break.

Then we're going to stretch it out.

Excellent job! Now ABSOLUTELY do not skip the stretch – thecool-down stretch of this workout.

Because even though you're tired, even thoughyou worked it.

You still want to take care of your body,so that you can come back the next time and kick some butt.

So safety first ALWAYS! Great! So, we're going to go into a quick break righthere.

We're coming back and then we're going towork into the stretch.

So, we're going into Hugs & Loves.

We're just going to hug and love – kick thosefeet straight out.

Inhale in through the nose and exhale viathe mouth.

Now if you enjoyed this workout, I want youto do me one favor – it's going to help you, it's going to help me, and it's going to helpsomeone that you know and love – share this workout with at least one person that youknow – or on a social media account, like Facebook or Instagram – or something likethat.

And tag a friend.

Keep your chest up, we're going to push ourbutt back.

Inhale up – exhale your hands down towardsthe ground.

Lock your arms, forehead is down.

We're going to rock left and right, with nicestraight legs.

As you share these workouts with your friends,that's actually the best way to hold yourself accountable, because now, you're not justholding yourself accountable, but you have someone who is looking towards you for guidance.

So help a friend – pay it forward, that isthe best way to stay committed to your workout.

Let's take care of our back here.

Now bring those hangs under your shoulders,your knees under your hips.

We're going into Cat-Cow, so you're goingto exhale, look down at your belly – your spine is up and head is down.

You're going to inhale – heads up, bring thespine down – and exhale.

There we go.

Excellent job.


WOOH!!! Concave and convex – taking care of our spinehere.


Now we're bringing our knees together, separatethose feet.

We're going to exhale the hips back, reachthose hands forward.

We're now in a Child's Pose.

So, inhale and relax.

As you exhale, push your hips back towardsthose heels – and reach those hands forward even more.

Come on.


and exhale.

Such a great job that you did today.

Kicking some butt.

Now let's bring our left hand towards theleft – our right hand is now on top, our hips are back and towards the right, right armpitis down and towards the ground, breathe it out.

AHHHHHHH!!!! Excellent job! Ooooh, we're getting a great stretch here.

Other side.

Right hand towards the right, left hand isnow on top, hips are back and towards the left, sink into the stretch – taking careof those shoulders, taking care of those obliques, relaxing those abs, pushing those hips backtowards those feet, and reach those hands forward and towards the right, for a greatside stretch.

It feels so good.

Now we're going to make our way up towardsour feet.

We're going into a hamstrings stretch.

So you're right foot is down nice and bent.

We're going to inhale up.

Exhale! Grab onto those toes with both hands, pushyour knee back, towards the back of the room, flex that foot back, as we work on our calves,our hamstrings, and our glutes – the whole back of the leg.

You're also keeping your abs tight.

Flexing that foot, pulling on the those toes,stretching out your back.

We're going to roll forward slowly.

Come back.

Other side.

Let's inhale up.

Exhale down.

Grab onto those toes.

and stretch it out.


Sink into that stretch.

Excellent job.

Keep on bringing it, working the back of thoselegs.

WOOH!!! I feel it all the way from my calves up tomy butt.

Stretch it out.

Roll forward.

Come back.

I think that I got some sweat on the screen.

So the right foot is down, we're reachingunder the left foot with the left hand, knees are straight down, hips are forward, you'rebringing your heels towards your glutes.

If you need to, for balance reasons, holdonto a wall to support yourself here.

We're working the quads, the front top partof that leg.

So you're really pushing those hips forwardand stretching it out.

We have one more side, then we're going toget that fist bump.

So you're left foot is down.

We're now reaching under the right foot withthe right hand.

Knee is down, hips are forward, heels aretowards your glutes.

Extend that hand out, or towards the wallor a sturdy chair or table.

We have a few more seconds, we're going tocome out of this nice and slowly.

You're going to make your way to the screen.

Get this Fist Bump, because you earned ittoday – and you rocked it.

So here we go, and.

BOOM!!!! Fist Bump! Way to rock it, people.

You all kicked lots and lots of butt.

Now you just kicked some butt in that workout,so do us a favor and do yourself a favor, by sharing this workout with at least onefriend, so that they can come in and do these workouts as well – and if you want to supportus, definitely consider go ahead and checking us out on our Patreon page, to help up bringmore workouts and get more perks in return.

I'm going to go ahead and catch up with youall next time.

Until then, it's your boy Mill Hoy.

Take care and PEACE OUT!!!.

Source: Youtube

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