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– What's up, elite ThenXathletes, it's Chris Heria.

Welcome to anothervideo of Official ThenX.

Today we're gonna be doing a fat burning, ab sculpting, core crushing workout.

Let's get right into it.

("Ark" by Ship Wrek) Alright, so let's get this fat burning, ab sculpting workout started, and for complete workoutprograms and daily workouts, don't forget to go on and signup right now at thenx.


So the first exercise we're gonna do for the workout is L-sit hold, then we're gonna move into ab rolls, after the ab rolls we'regonna to dumbbell sit-ups, then laying dumbbell leg raises, then plank open and close, next, dumbbell Russian twist, after that hanging corner raises, then hanging mountain climbers, leg raises, and then we're gonna finishit off with some knee raises.

We're gonna go for 45seconds on, 15 seconds off.

If you're a beginner,do the round two times, if you're intermediate, three times, and if you're advanced,let's go for the four.

So we're gonna go ahead and get started.

The first move is gonna be L-sit hold.

You could do it on a box, anywhere.

I'm gonna choose to doit on a straight bar dip.

So here we go, in three, two, one, action.

(energetic dubstep music) Ooh! Alright, let me go ahead,pull up an ab wheel.

Let's get ready to go for it.

Here we go.

(exhales) Do the rest on my knees.

(energetic dubstep music) (exhales) Alright.

Next we have dumbbell sit-ups.

So we're gonna go 15seconds each direction.

(exhales) Let's go for it.

Alright, next one.

We do as many as we can with the dumbbell.

Drop it, you keep going.


Plank open and close.

Let's go for it.

Remember keep that breathing.

Remember to breathe in throughyour diaphragm (inhales) and then breathe out (exhales) through your mouth.

Let's keep it goin'.

When you breathe in andout through your diaphragm, you feel like there's moreoxygen flowing through your body.

That's 'cause there is.

That's gonna make it a loteasier to hang in there.

Especially when it comes to endurance style workouts like this one.

(mellow dubstep music) (exhales) Alright, what's next? Dumbbell Russian twist.

(exhales) Let's go for it.

The hardest part istrying to keep your legs as straight as possible.

(exhales) It's how you really makesure you're using that core.

Alright, movin' on.

Here we go.

Hanging corner raises.

(exhales) Well, (hands clap) there you go.

I'm gonna go back up.

It's okay to stop aslong as you keep going.

See a lot of people don't realize that.

(exhales) Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.

What do I mean by that? (bell dings) A lot of people say, if you're good at it then do it, but you gotta start somewhere to eventually get good at something.

So even if you can't do it all that great, keep going, don't give up, even if it doesn't look that good.

So next we have hanging mountain climbers.

And another thing, if you stop, (exhales) you can't go all the way, that's fine.

Everybody stops.

It's all about if you can keep going, getting back up, keep going.

And that comes from will power.

That doesn't come from your muscles.

That comes from your mind.

(exhales) It's all about that mindset.

(exhales) So whether you think you can, or you think you can't, either way you're right.

It's the thinking that makes it so.

So the next one we have is leg raises.

Let's go for it.

(mid-tempo electronic music) Last five seconds.


Last ones, knee raises.

These are the last ones.

Always, on my last onesI give it all I got.

Make sure you make those last ones count.

Let's go for it.

(exhales) Last one.

(exhales) Alright.


So they're heavy, guys.

That's the first round.

I got three more to go.

But you work out like this and do workouts likethis on a daily basis, I promise you, man, you will get in thebest shape of your life.

So for complete workouts, programs, and for workouts every single day, daily workouts sent straight to you, become a member now, thenx.


For all of you guys thatare already members, get ready 'cause you're gonna have the first hands-onexperience of the ThenX app that's coming out inthe next couple weeks.

It's coming out super soon.

Alright? Guys, don't forget, we'll be in LA fromJanuary 3rd to January 6th at the Santa Monica CrossFitGym teaching workshops.

So if you wanna be apart of these workshops, go to thenx.


The link is there and in the description.

Go right now to RSVP'cause space is limited and as soon as we're all booked up (hands clap) we're closing it up, that's it.

Thank you guys so much for watching.

Don't forget to like,comment, share, subscribe.

Let us know what you wantthe next video to be about.

If you like the music, we are personally producing this music.

I see all the comments.

Guys, we are bringing you this music.

We're gonna be releasingit once it's all ready.

So stay tuned, and thank youso much for your patience.

For ThenX gear, and we got a whole bunch of new gear and equipment coming to youguys for the new season, visit thenx.


I'll also leave the link right there, too.

Also, LA Fit Expo, we're gonna be there.

Our booth number is 1710.

So on January 7th tothe 8th meet us there, and I'm dying to meet you guys.

Thank you guys so much for watching.

See you next time, peace out.

("Ark" by Ship Wrek).

Source: Youtube

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