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CUCUMBER DIET FOR WEIGHT LOSS – Loses 3 kilos in 2 days with cucumber diet plan

Cucumber diet for weight loss – Loses 3 kilosin 2 days with cucumber diet Start now and make this super effective dietto lose up to 3 kilos quickly and economically using a single ingredient natural cucumber,but before we talk a little about its nutritional value and what it serves.

The Cucumber has great health benefits, thehighest nutritional value is concentrated in the husk which you must consume it togetherwith the vegetable, is composed largely of water, but that does not prevent it has vitaminsand minerals beneficial to the body.

Cucumber contains flavonoids such as quercetin,apigenin, luteolin, and kaempferol.

It contains vitamin K, which serves as anti-inflammatoryand anti-haemorrhagic, has vitamin C, a very effective antioxidant.

The manganese present in the cucumber helpsto develop the bones.

The cucumber also contains silica, a mineralvery useful for the health of nails, bones and various body tissues.

The Cucumber diet is a strict diet in whichyou can include fruits such as grapefruit, oranges, lemons, apples, pears and pineapple.

As a source of protein you should eat chickenor fish.

Lets start with the Cucumber Diet for weightloss Breakfast: Drink the juice of a lemon in 500 ml.

Of water, an orange, a green tea and a sliced??raw cucumber.

Midmorning: An Apple Lunch: 100 grams of chicken breast, a salad of twocucumbers with vegetables of choice, a pear or two slices of pineapple.

Mid afternoon: Coffee or Green Tea, a slice of pineapplewith half a tablespoon of honey, two egg whites.

Dinner: Grilled fish plus a cucumber salad.

This cucumber shake that you will make withthe recipe that we place you down improves digestion, is depurative and diuretic.

Ingredients: 1 cucumber 3 slices of pineapple 300 ml.

of water Pour all the ingredients in a blender andliquefy, you must take it on an empty stomach.

You will look great after this cucumber diet to weight loss.

Source: Youtube

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CUCUMBER DIET FOR WEIGHT LOSS – Loses 3 kilos in 2 days with cucumber diet plan

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