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Insane Fat Burning Routine (EVERY ROUND GETS HARDER!!)

All right, you guys! We're going to kill it today with my fat burninginterval.

Okay, you guys.

This is how my interval workout goes.

We're going to have two intervals consistingof four exercises.

The first round, we're going to do 10 reps.

Once you finish your 10 reps and your threeminute jump rope you're going to get one minute rest, and you're going to move onto your secondinterval doing your 10 reps, three minutes of the jump rope, one minute rest.

For round two we're going to do 15 of everything.

For round two we're going to go 20 reps.

So we're progressively going to go up.

Okay, so interval one, these are the threeexercises, plus the jump roping.

The first thing we're going to do is a medicineball throw squat.

So you're going to grab your medicine ball,however heavy you want it to be, we're going to get into a nice, deep squat, we're goingto throw up, catch it, and back down.

So just think about getting that into a good,deep squat.

So we're going to go 10.

I'm sorry.

I have not been counting so I'm going to saythat's eight, nine, and ten.

Once we finish that we're going to go overto our mat.

We're going to do a rollback, kickback, andpushup.

What that looks like – we try to keep thatenergy rolling – we're going to roll back, hop up, and kick out, pushup.

That's one.


Let me get this wild ponytail under control.

There we go.









Okay, next we're going to move into weightedbench step overs.

We're going to do 10 on each leg.

You're just going to stand.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,nine, and ten.

We're going to get to the other leg.

And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven,eight, nine, ten.

Those are our three interval one exercises,and you're going to go right into – yikes.

Into three minutes of jump roping.

Please start if your jump rope is not a messlike mine.


Just for time reasons I'm not going to gofor the full three minutes because I don’t think you guys want to watch me jump ropefor three minutes.

All right.

So once you end up doing this with the jumprope, one minute of rest.

Okay, so we finished up.

Now were going to go into our interval two.

Three exercises for interval two.

Speed skaters.

We're going to do 10.

Nine, ten.

Really try to get some explosive movementon those.

Box squat jumps.

You don’t have to go this high.

You can go as low as you need.

We're going to go 10.

You just straddle off to the side.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,nine, and ten.

All right.

Alternating kick outs.


These are going to be great for your shoulders.

This is what they're going to look like.

We're going to alternate.

We're going to drop down, bring your kneein, kick up high, come to the top.

We're going to alternate.

Two, three, four.

Really think about pressing through your shoulders.

And five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

Brutal on the shoulders.

Three minutes of jumping rope.

Here we go.

All right.

Three minutes on that.

Once you finish your three minutes, one minuterest.

Then you're going to start at the beginningagain.

We're going to start at interval one.

Now we're doing 15 reps.

Three minutes, one minute rest.

Interval two, 15 reps, three minutes of jumprope, one minute of rest.

Now we're onto round three.

We're going to go 20 reps with your jump rope,your rest, and interval two.

Same thing.

20 reps, three minutes of your jump rope,one minute rest.

You should be basically a pool of water whenyou're done with this, you guys.

Super good, full body.

We're hitting everything.

All right, you guys.

Hit it hard, continue to hit it hard everyday.

Do have those rest days though.

Those are critical.

Always take your rest days.

Your body needs that.

Hey, hit that subscribe button, like, comment.

How many made it to round three? Hey, and check out ATHLEANXX for Women.

Maybe you want to stretch out after today'sworkout.

That could be a good thing.

So check out their stretching programs.

All right, you guys.

I will see you guys soon.

Have a great day.

Source: Youtube

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Insane Fat Burning Routine (EVERY ROUND GETS HARDER!!)

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