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Low Carb Dessert | Mikan Petits Fours (Japanese Tangerine)

So mikans are pretty much like a tangerineor mandarin orange except that they are local to the Wakayama Prefecture in Japan, and Iwas there this summer and got to see all the little treats that they like to make out ofthem, and I thought I'd make some tea cakes using them.

To start out you're gonna need the zest ofa couple mikans.

All the recipe quantities are on the TPH websiteand I'll put a link to that down below in the description box.

So once you've got all your zest off of themthey're peel is so thin that you can't really juice them the normal way so I just threwthem all into a blender and blended them up.

Now we're gonna set that aside for now andwe're gonna start making our mikan curd, which is pretty much just like a custard withoutany milk.

What I'm pouring in here is a sugar syrupbut made without sugar, made instead with erythritol and xylitol.

One by one we're gonna add in our egg yolks.

Then we're gonna pour in that mikan juicebut of course through a sieve because we don't want all that pulp in there.

So once all the ingredients have been mixedtogether we're gonna heat that really gently on the stovetop just until it coats the backof a spoon.

You don't want to heat it any higher thanthat or else the egg yolks will curdle.

Once it's all heated and done it should looklike this and we're gonna pour it back through the sieve to get out any lumps that might'vehappened from over-heating and we wanna get out any of that zest.

Next we're gonna make the cake batter.

Start out with the eggs and the cream.

Whisk those together really well then addin our vanilla extract, more of our sugar-free syrup, a bit of salt, and now we're gonnaadd in our flour substitute, this one is a mix of almond flour, coconut flour, and atiny bit of guar gum just as a stabilizer.

Once it's baked and cooled we're gonna cutoff the edges to trim it up and make it nice and neat.

And then we're gonna try and slice it intothree even layers.

So now we're gonna put our cooled mikan curdon top to make the filling.

layer that all up.

And next we're gonna move on to make the glazeso I've got some powdered gelatin in here and we're gonna just let it soak in some coolwater.

While that's soaking we're gonna put our cream,our syrup, and our Cointreau in.

If you had some kind of orange or tangerineextract or you wanted to skip this you could but it gives it a nice orange flavour.

Now that gelatin that had been soaking, meltit in the microwave for 10 or 15 seconds and then add that in.

Now here ideally you want to wait for yourglaze to cool to about room temperature, a little warmer than that.

I didn't, and as you can see most of it justslid off the first time.

Now I'd frozen my cake before glazing whichhelps the glaze set better and if you have done this you're gonna need to put the cakein the fridge for maybe a half hour or an hour depending on how small your cake is,just to let it defrost.

Now because we're using all that mikan juicein here, it is not as low-sugar as someone on Keto or who's diabetic might need it tobe, so just either have a small portion or use orange flavoring instead of the actualorange juice.

Source: Youtube

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Low Carb Dessert | Mikan Petits Fours (Japanese Tangerine)

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