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What's up YouTube? Tanner Chidester here and I think I've decidedthat – I don't know, the lighting here just makes me look like I'm a red lobster.

So, it is what it is.

But, this video is gonna be short and sweet.

I wanted to show you something.

I got a pretty cool thing the other day.

It's called – let's see if I can say it right,the Veggetti Pro.

Veggetti Pro? I don't know.

[music] One of my clients actually sent it to me.

So thank you to Jared.

He's been killing it.

The guy's lost 70 or 80 pounds.

And I'm super excited to show you guys histransformation, but this is kind of what it looks like.

Okay, and what you do is you put in like cucumbers,you can put in tomatoes, you can put in whatever and it cuts it up perfectly.

So like, you can make like, pasta, right? And right now I accidentally took out – sogive me a second.

I'm gonna fix this, I'm gonna turn this backon.

Give me one second.

Okay, so I figured it out.

So, check it out.

You get two blades.

And one is the thin spiral and you got thefixed spiral.

So, I like doing the thicker one.

So, I'm gonna show you exactly how it works.

So let me grab a cucumber.

And super doh.

So here I'm gonna set up on my tripod.

I'm gonna show you guys how this thing works.

So check it out.

So, if I can set up right.


So check this out.

I'll make sure you guys can see.

It's all good.

Okay, so you can't see my face but you'lllive.

This also is the next video I'm doing, ArcticZero sent me a package.

It's super cool.

Check this out.

Take it here.

Pull off the end, right? And what you do is you put like this partof the cucumber – what I found is there's a hole.

There's this hole right here and you juststick it right up there.

So you pull this back, right? And this cucumber's huge.

I don't know if it's gonna fit.

Well I'm gonna have to break it in half.

So this is an issue.

Yeah, I don't know if end go back – yeah,it won't even go back any further.

So I'm gonna have to cut part of this off.

So, in this situation, let me cut part ofthis off.

All right.

So knife.

so I'm gonna cut part of it off.

It's a little too big.

Another thing I do is I make zoats.

So, it's not gonna go to waste.

You can still use it.

So what you do, is you put it up here, right? And then you just kind of move this thingin.

Now, the thing is it does get a little messy.

It does get a little messy because when itspins off, there's really no – where it freak to go.

So, I'll do – if I get to decide a plate likethis, and then what I do, is I move it down here, like that and then, you literally juststart spinning it.

So I'll hold it on both ends.

And then what I do is I just start movingit along, like this.

If you watch, it will start to come out theend.

Right? You guys seeing that? And so, you just take it, and it literallymakes you like pasta shaped noodles.

Just super cool.

So the next thing is you just keep pressureon it so it keeps moving, so right there, you saw I stopped for a second.

There's actually a handle on the other side,I just have it backwards.

But yeah, it works.

And then, as you guys can see, it's comingout.

Almost done.

Yeah, since I have it backwards, I look superstupid but.

you guys used to seeing that so you'll be okay.

I'm just really struggling now.

Almost done.

Come on.

And yeah, it makes a little bit of a mess,because they don't give you like a container for it.

At least I'm not aware that they do.

So you're done, you just pull it off, pullit back.

And this is what it leaves you at the end.

So, let me go and pull this off.

This is what it leaves you at the end guys.

It's like this.

And that's how it looks.

So as you guys can see, it's all spirally.

Right? So, I just pull it off right here.

I'll gather the rest in a bit, but, all that,guys, is like probably 4 to 10 carbs, if that, I mean, it's a cucumber.

But like, look how it looks.

So you can use that as like, noodles, so whatI'm gonna do is make some chicken up or put that on it, but again, it's just called aVeggetti Pro.

One of my client's sent to me it's super niceof him so again, thank you Jared, it was awesome.

And, yeah, I mean, it�s got like all kindsof stuff you can buy here.

So, I don't make any money from this.

But I recommend this – it's been great.

And that's all I have in this video guys,so thank you guys so much for watching, and my next video is going to be an Arctic Zerotaste test, so make sure you stay tuned for that.

See you guys in the next video.

He came to the conclusion that it's goingto be at least 10 sets minimum per body part per week to get maximum hypertrophy, okay? And it could be more but they're saying that'sat least the minimum.

So, 3 to 5 sets to the chest on Monday, you'regoing to need to do at least 5 more sets on Thursday.

Obviously if you're a beginner, it's goingto probably be less and towards that range.

If you're more advanced, it's going to probablybe more.

So, as far as research we can actually.

Source: Youtube

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