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Protein Powder Dessert Recipes (2 FAST & EASY TREATS!!)

Today I've got two fast and easy high proteindesserts.

All right.

The first thing we're going to make todayis chocolate protein popsicles.

Super easy.

So you're just going to take a measuring cup.

I find it's easier to do this because youcan pour it into your molds.

So you're just going to take two cups of coconutmilk and two scoops of your chocolate protein powder.

I'm using ATHLEAN-Rx for Women and you'rejust going to put it into your cup.

You're going to stir it really well, get allthe bubbles out, and then once you've done that you're just going to pour it into yourmolds.

Once you pour it into your mold you're justgoing to put it in the freezer.

Let it freeze for, maybe, and hour.

You'll be able to judge it depending on howbig your molds are.

Once you're done they are great.

Just like chocolate fudgecicles.


Super high in protein, low in calories, lowin sugar.

It's a great after workout treat, or evenjust for the kids.

You can give them to the kids, too.

All right, you guys.

So that's our first thing.

Next we're going to make chocolate dippedpower strawberries.

So, with the cholate dipped power strawberriesyou're going to be using coconut oil, you're going to take one scoop of chocolate proteinpowder, and what you're going to do is you're just going to put that into a bowl.

We are actually going to take the coconutoil first – 2 tablespoons – you're going to put it in here.

You're going to put it in your microwave anywherefrom 20 to 30 seconds to get it melted down.

You're going to add in your 1 to 2 scoopsof protein powder.

Once it comes out you're just going to blendthose together.

As you can see, I have here – it's prettyliquidy.

So you're just going to stir that around,get it mixed together.

Once you've done that, I find the easiestway to do this with the strawberry, instead of dipping it, is I take it and I just pourit over the strawberry.

I'm just layering it and letting it thicken.

You can actually make the coating as thickas you want.

Maybe if you just want a nice, thin layer.

That's so you can just set it down.

If you want it a little bit thicker just holdit for a second because the oil tends to start hardening fairly quickly.

So now I'm just going to put it on my paper.

You can put that in the refrigerator and theyharden up within about 5 to 10 minutes.

It's super fast.

So, this is what they look like.

This is after I've put it in the refrigeratorfor even a few minutes.

They come out with that nice, hard shell.

And the coconut oil smells great.

So it kind of gives it a little bit more ofthat tropical taste along with the chocolate.

So once again, we have two super low in calorie,low in sugar, high protein, fast snacks you can throw together and have them ready ina short amount of time.

The protein powder that I love to use is ourATHLEANRX for Women protein powder.

You can find this on the ATHLEANXXforWomen.


I really hope you guys enjoy these tasty treatsand I'll see you guys soon.

Source: Youtube

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Protein Powder Dessert Recipes (2 FAST & EASY TREATS!!)

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