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Women’s Workout: Fat loss workout AT HOME, DAY-2! (Hindi / Punjabi)

Hey, thanks for tuning into My Bollywood Body.

I am your host Sunny with Madam Sukhi Ji.

Sunny: How are you?Sukhi: How are you? Good, Good.

Sukhi Ji became resentful.

We brought her back with great difficulty.

So many ladies messaged us, young and old, women of this size and this size messaged us tell us more workouts, we've become fan of Sukhi ji.

So many fans following you in Indiaand you don't even care.

So thank you very much for your support, your emails, your loved filled messages on WhatsApp.

I read some, my wife read some, then we fought.

But still they are good.

Now Day 2! The previous workout was Day 1 workout.

I reqested you to do 1 day workout then 1 day break.

So basically that was a one week workout.

Today we will share Day 2 workout, which basically is your second week workout.

After the previous workout, you will start this workout for next week.

Firstly #1, you will stretch like I explained.

Stretching supplies blood and oxygen to the muscles.

By stretching you become less prone to injuries.

Once you've done your stretching by watching our previous workout, let's start you workout.

First exercise, Sukhi Ji, you will do High Knees.

Do High Knees for the audience.

At first I thought, Sukhi Ji isn't coming and stays on vacations, I should just wear a woman's scarf and do it myself.

Sunny: Then I thought Sukhi Ji replied "I am coming!!!".

Sukhi: That doesn't have the 'Sukhi Feeling' Wow amazing.

They say 'don't worry and enjoy yourself kiddo'.

4 sets of 50 High knees.

Ready, get set, lets go.

Sukhi Ji.




5,6 This is a very basic exercise.

We put this in every routine in our client's workout.

because in this exercise you are just jogging, running and you don't have any equipment and it increases your heart rate.

and with other compound movements and strength training you can maintain your heart rate.

It's a basic exercise, we always start with this exercise.

You have to do 4 sets of 50 repetitions.

Now your 50 repetitions are complete.

Take a break of 30, 40 or 45 seconds.

Drink a bit of water if your throat is dry.

Then you do a second set, do 50 reps, then take another break, then do another set of 50 reps.

You have to do 4 sets like this.

the 4 sets will be 2, 2.

5 or 3 min workout, then you take a break.

Lets move on to the second workout of the day.

First workout you did 4 sets, 50 reps of High Knees.

In the second workout we will do push-ups.

Lets go Sukhi Ji.

So push-ups, for girls, it's very important that in the beginning you do it on your knees.

Lets go Sukhi ji.

Do the push-ups.

Nice and slow, keep your knees on the floor.

Very nice.

Move your elbows a bit forward, perfect, go.

So just do a few, just to get an idea, nice and slow.

So when you do push-ups, you will do 10 push-ups, that's 5, that's 6.

lets go.

9 and that is 10.

Ok now get up.

Now I want you to do 10 squats right away.

Sukhi ji.

you went on vacation.

what's 10 squats going to do to you.


nice and slow.


nice and slow.

good job.

keep going.


nice and slow.

Sunny: Can you keep doing, goodSukhi: Yes So in the second exercise you will do 10 push-ups and right away 10 squats, then a break 30-40 seconds, then in the second set, 10 push-ups and 10 squats, 30-40 second break.

And you will make 4 sets like this of the second exercise.

Thank you ji, take a breath.

So this was your second exercise.

Lets move on to your third exercise.

Sukhi ji, in the third exercise, show us Cross Runs.

Sunny: Look in the camera, why you looking at me.

Sukhi: What's that? cross runs are.

here you go.

nice and slow.

So what you will do is.

it's just like.

go go go don't worry.



don't do a full lunge.

just back and forth.

Here you go, that's it, here you go.

Nice and slow, they are also called flutter kicks and cross runs.

people come up with many names, 'we are desi, we don't know.

We just need 2 meals and we are happy'.

but again, nice and slow, go back and forth.

You will do 50 repetitions.

30,40 up to 45 second break.

Then another 50 reps.

And if you are heavy or if you are 5 foot 6 inch, 5 foot 7 inch, or your weight is 80kg or 90kg.

This may be very hard for you, you may do 25 repetitions instead of 50, instead of 30 sec, take 1 min break.

You gotta make sure you complete the workout.

Even if you finish it in 40 min instead of 30 mins.

In the beginning when you start any workout regime, the key is you have to complete the workout, you can't do just this or just that.




You have to finish the workout, you can even extend the breaks.

Slowly your body will get use to it.

So you will do 50 cross runs.

Why aren't you doing the cross runs, that's not how models are made.

Cross knees, lets go, vacation, vacation.

good job.

Sukhi: Vacation.

So we keep doing cross knees.

Good job.

See this is your punishment.

So 4 sets.

See, even a fit person gets tired.

Sukhi: Even after vacation.

Sunny: Even after vacation.

One lady messaged me.

Firstly, this brother brother thing.

Everyone calls me Brother Sunny, sometimes it bugs me.

So if you want to call me Brother Sunny, here is what we do.

Remember 3 Sunnys.

#1 Sunny Deol, #2 Sunny Leone, and then say Brother Sunny.

So you know, that's better no? That's three Brother Sunnys, Hashtag SunnyBhai (#SunnyBhai) So this is your next workout, in this you did 4 sets of 50 repetitions of Cross Runs.

First you did High Knees, then Squats with push-ups as second exercise, then you did Cross Runs, 4 sets.

The reason I keep talking is because I want to delay the workout so you understand, you get the idea, why are we doing.

first we take your heart rate up, then we put in strength compound muscle, we put in strength, then again we raise your heart rate.

mix and match, mix and match, rather than making you run continuously, which won't make much of a difference.

Lets move on to your next exercise.

In the next exercise Sukhi ji.

You are going to become very sad.

Sukhi: Planks?Sunny: Yes.

Planks! It's the way you tell kids in the morning "go to school" and the kid says "mama, school again?".

Just like that, "Planks again?" So you will do planks.

Plank is a very good exercise for stomach.

There is no exercise that if you keep doing it your stomach will come off.

The pizzas that you have put on aren't going to come off just like that.

It will take time for it to come off.

So you will become a plank.

Lets go Sukhi Ji, become a plank.

Good job.

In a plank, your body stays.

butt down.

nice and slow.

and you have to breathe through your stomach.

That being said, I want you to cough.


Need a cough medication?Sukhi:Yes.

By coughing, why I say cough, because every time you cough, you use the same muscle that I want you to use for when you become a plank.

So you should try to squeeze those muscles, tighten them, as much as possible.

You will do 30 seconds.




be a plank for 30 seconds.

Sukhi Ji, turn around.

Then you are going to become a Butt Bridge.

Perfect Ok.

up, up up.

squeeze your butt.

So now, and then you need to go like this, it's called a butt bridge.

You have to squeeze your butt (Gluteus) really really tight.

Now the thing is, no one can see you doing this exercise, they may see other exercises.

Maybe your husband is sitting, brother is sitting, or friend, or if you workout with a female friend, they can see those.

But this exercise only you will know if you are doing it right or wrong.

You gotta make sure you do it right.

Squeeze your butt really really tight.

Get some blood in there.

It's a very important muscle.

In the beginning it is very important to train your full body.

so we just trained on your stomach, and with it we are working on your butt.

That's it drop.

So in this exercise you became a blank for 30 seconds, right away 30 second Butt Bridge.

Then you took a break.

So with 2 units it makes one exercise.

You will do 4 sets of this, with 35, 40 or 45 second breaks.

Sukhi ji, lets go, lets finish the last exercise, or no?.

Sukhi: Which one was that?Sunny: Now we wanna do 4 sets of 10-12 squat jumps.

Sukhi: High Jumps or?Sunny: No just moderate.

Don't break some aunty's knees, we'll end up with other problems.



and perfect.

So if you can do jumps like this it's perfect.

Otherwise do small jumps, otherwise this is good too, this is good.

so what you are doing is, you are putting pressure on your quads, glutes, because you already worked on them, quads, hamstrings, calves, gluteus, lower back.

You are involving the whole body.

Let's wrap up a whole workout of what we did today.

This is your second day or a second week workout.

First you did 4 sets 50 reps of High Knees, then you did 10 push-ups and 10 squats makes one set, you did 4 sets of that.

Then you did 4 sets 50 Cross Runs, then you did 30 second plank and 30 second Butt Bridge, 4 sets of that, and at the end 4 sets of 10-12 squat jumps All together it's a half an hour workout, second week workout.

Our first video which was day 1, is basically day is week.

Week 1, this is day 2, which becomes your week 2.

Try it out, if you like this workout share it with your friends, Make sure you subscribe us on YouTube at My Bollywood Body.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

And guys, why are you watching Women's Workouts? and then you take a dump on the wall.

Sukhi: What do you guys want here?Sunny: What do you want guys? huh? huh? Sukhi: Girls should watch it.

Sunny: Exactly.

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Women’s Workout: Fat loss workout AT HOME, DAY-2! (Hindi / Punjabi)

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